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Computer Games and Gaming


Computer Games and Gaming

There are several different types of gaming. They can be divided into console, PC, handheld gaming devices and online gaming. Console gaming is usually for the most part only available for the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Wii gaming systems. Computer gaming is generally available for a variety of systems including Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sega. Handheld gaming devices include the Nintendo Wii, PSP, Sony PlayStation, Xbox and Game Cube.

A video game is an interactive computer or video screen that entails interaction by a human player with an external user interface device or input device to produce visual output on the screen. Video games are a form of interactive entertainment. The term “video” refers to the output of the game and “player” refers to the person who is playing the game. Video games can be single player, multiplayer (two or more players playing the game at the same time), role playing (one player acting in the role of another player) or a puzzle which requires the player to use logic and reasoning.

Online gaming is an interactive website in which game play is performed with the use of computers and the Internet. This type of gaming is called Web gaming. It differs from other forms of Internet gaming because there are no physical hardware or peripheral connections between the players. The Internet itself provides the capability to send audio, video, and synchronized data across a network of real or virtual computers and servers. This is accomplished through the use of file sharing software, typically referred to as “licensing”.

arcade gaming is an interactive game where a player has a goal in mind and an objective in hand. The object is to kill the other side’s character. Most arcade games require the player to have some sort of skill in order to win. Examples of this type of game are pinball, jousting, air hockey, ping pong and many others. In these games the object is not so much to hit the ball into an opponent’s net but to shoot the ball into an opponent’s goal. This is different from the shooting games played with paintball guns where the object is to “mark” the ball and bring it back to your own goal.

Computer game gaming takes a lot of forms. Video games such as computer racing, computer puzzle, word search, etc. have grown in popularity. Action figures, such as action figures Mario, Pokemon and Spiderman, are also very popular. Some of the most popular board games are trivia, crossword puzzles and bingo. A large variety of electronic gadgets are also available to play video or board games.

Computer gaming is a multi-million dollar business. The gaming industry produces more revenue than the music industry, the movie industry and the books industry combined. The majority of homes today have at least one personal computer. Gaming has become the hobby of choice for millions of people. It has also turned into a business for several billion-dollar corporations.