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PCs and Video Games

Games are the best source of entertainment for most of the people around the world. The use of games has been found to be useful in enhancing learning, retaining interest and enhancing brain function. A video game or online computer game is any computer game that entails interaction by a user with an external input device or user interface comprising pointers, sticks, buttons, dials, touch screens, or movement sensing devices to generate virtual visual feedback to the player. The word “video” in a video game denotes the visual output, while “game” signifies the process of playing the game.


Computer games have a variety of objectives, which vary from mission to mission. For example, games like racing can be played for racing over a specific track, or over a series of tracks; tactical games can be played over one or more maps; war games may be played against a fictional opponent or over a wide open non-virtual environment. A good number of computer games in the market right now are developed for consoles such as PlayStation 2, Xbox and Wii. But the gaming enthusiasts who cannot seem to get enough of their favorite genre of games have other options as well.

Video gaming systems today not only allow the gamers to enjoy a high quality visual experience through the use of high-definition televisions, built-in speakers, DVD players, optical media drives, etc., they also have advanced technologies that make the whole experience more realistic. Advanced computer motherboard components such as Dual Graphics System (DSS), PCI Express (PCIe) slots, VGA Bus, USB ports, etc. enable great richness in the graphics output, sound effects, resolution, texture mapping, and synchronization. Moreover, the introduction of multimedia features such as HDCP and OpenMAX makes the whole experience all the more entertaining.

The Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii are the most popular gaming consoles that have revolutionized the industry. They support a variety of user-created applications (called mods) and a wide range of online features, which enable the users to take full advantage of the incredible power of their new gaming systems. Due to their complex and highly customisable nature, the graphics produced by the consoles are of a truly amazing quality. However, the PC players cannot take advantage of these features, unless they are equipped with the best graphics drivers and graphic editing software that can enhance the quality of the graphics and make the game run at a smooth frame rate.

PC gamers can experience the thrill and adventure of gaming the way they like, without having to sacrifice the benefits of modern technology. With the advent of cheap computers, it has become possible for any enthusiastic PC gamer to build a powerful gaming PC that is capable of gaming all the latest graphics cards and audio systems with incredible detail. There is no longer any need for gamers to purchase expensive gaming computers; they can enjoy their hobby without spending hundreds of dollars. In fact, some of the most advanced graphics cards and sound systems can be found in very affordable PCs. Moreover, with the thousands of new games being released every month, there is always a good chance of finding a good PC game for any occasion.

However, the PC is not the only way to experience great video games. Many people use consoles, such as Nintendo’s Wii, Sony’s PlayStation 2 and Microsoft’s Xbox to experience first hand the real thrill and excitement of playing video games. However, for many gamers the PC is still the best platform, mainly due to its user-friendliness and compatibility with all types of video games and multimedia programs. It also offers the gamer a large choice of graphic settings and customizations, which allow him to maximize the power of his system. The powerful integrated processors of the newest PCs ensure smooth operation and enable the user to enjoy a rich gaming experience. Hence, PCs are clearly the most important elements of the video games industry, which determine the future of gaming.