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Dominoes & Chess – Not Just Games of Luck


Dominoes & Chess – Not Just Games of Luck

Games are known by many names and are known to the people across the world. A game is generally a structured form of entertainment, often undertaken for fun or amusement, and at times used as a teaching tool. Games are quite different from work, which are often carried out merely for recreation, and from literature, which more often are an expression of philosophical or aesthetic elements.

One can divide games into two major categories; those that require great skills in order to succeed and those that do not require such skills. Chess is one of those games that require a great deal of skill in order to win, but is one of the most enjoyable games to play. Chess requires one player to carefully consider every decision that is made and makes each move carefully and thoroughly. In this type of game, the main article is the board, with the pieces placed on the squares that surround the centre of the ‘board’. These simple to understand pieces represent the players, and form the core of the game.

There are different types of Chess games that can be played, some more popular than others. The most famous type of Chess game is played on a wide-screen TV set, similar to the ones used in commercial cinemas. On this type of screen a series of squares are shown, one being occupied by a white pawn, one being occupied by a black pawn and so on, until all of the squares are occupied by either a white or black pawn. Once all the squares are taken, the game will conclude, either in favour of the player who had the most pieces at the end or against him/her who had the fewest. Though the rules may vary slightly from one TV set to another, Crawford board games are standard chess variants, in which the set pieces are moved around on a magnetic track, rather than on the squares of the board.

There are a number of rules involved in a game of chess. Players must carefully follow these rules, or risk having their game disqualified, as they differ from normal rules of checkmates and other such traditional rules. Players need to ensure that they have read and understand the rules for each game before beginning to play. A typical game starts with a clock to remind players of the starting time, and then the game can begin.

The rules of each game vary slightly from one version to another, though it is the basic rules that govern most of them. It is important to remember that while gambling games can be highly complex, they depend only on the luck of the dice. While luck undoubtedly plays an important role in games of chance, physical skill also plays a vital role. Every game of chess includes both mental and physical skill and if you consider yourself to be a skilled player, you could learn to win more often than not, provided you practice regularly. Though no book can ensure your success, you should consider taking some time out every now and then to study the game thoroughly and sharpen your skills.

Although popular games like dominoes and chess are based on simple rules, players should be careful not to overdo it. The rules should be clear to all players, including the beginners. These games involve only small sums of money, so the chances of under-trading or ‘forgetting’ to pay your winnings are rare. However, if you do forget to pay, you could find yourself out of pocket and perhaps even disqualified.

The Connection Between Well-Being and Health Care

Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is “an index of living conditions affecting a person’s health and well being through the measurement of health-related quality of life based on criteria of health-related behaviour, health status and state of health, and specific medical issues.” Various definitions have been utilized over time for various purposes. In a very broad sense, health can be defined as a state of well being. An important part of this definition is that “health” includes both physical and mental aspects. Mental health, in particular, has often been referred to as one of the essential aspects of a healthy lifestyle.


According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), wellness is related to the following four areas: physical health, geriatric, family health, and environmental health. The goal of all these areas is to promote the overall health of the population. These four facets are related to how the public views and assesses their health. When people view their health in this context, they are more likely to accept preventive measures, take recommended health-risk factors into account when making decisions, and monitor their health to avoid disease or acquire a disease that may already be too late.

Good health conditions are also linked to physical well-being. These are associated with the four facets of wellness, as well as an individual’s ability to adapt to his environment. Physical well-being refers to a person’s capacity to live a normal and uncomplicated life and cope with typical everyday physical activities. The ability to move around and maintain one’s self-respect is an essential element of good health. Mental well-being is linked to one’s capacity to learn, to solve problems, and to cope with emotional distress. These mental aspects are vital components of good health.

Another way to look at the relationship between environment and health is through the perspective of disability. People with disabilities have higher risks of acquiring physical illness than the average person. This may lead to more serious illness over a period of time and may even lead to death. A combination of physical illness and disability can lead to poor health conditions. Emotional illness is connected to mental health conditions, and is often accompanies physical illness.

The challenge for any society is to promote wellness and address health problems on all fronts. Healthy lifestyles are important not only for the individual but also for the community. A healthy population is associated with a high quality of life, and low infant and child mortality. Community health is an important aspect of a healthful lifestyle and is affected by the physical environment. A healthy environment ensures that infirmities are prevented, and that communities are safe from infection and disease.

The challenges faced by Americans with Illness and Disability are enormous. The statistical analysis done by the U.S. Census Bureau has proven that Americans with Illness and Disabilities are living longer than the average population. However, at every point in time, Americans with Illness and Disabilities are struggling to afford their medical expenses. Lack of access to health insurance, higher premiums and fewer doctors and hospitals can lead to disastrous consequences for families. Creating a just and healthy lifestyle and addressing health care needs are necessary to alleviate the suffering of Americans with Illness and disabilities.

Makeup and Beauty in Greek Mythology and the Modern World


Makeup and Beauty in Greek Mythology and the Modern World

Beauty is commonly defined as the emotional quality of certain objects that make those objects enjoyable to see. Examples of beautiful objects would be sunsets, sunflowers, landscapes, humans and other works of art. Beauty, along with aesthetic beauty, is possibly the most important topic of aesthetics, probably the most important branch of the humanities philosophy. It is, in fact, often considered to be of equal importance to science, and even used in some ways to define it.

According to some historians, the concept of beauty started during the Later Roman period. Julius Caesar came up with the definition” Marcus est Audience,” which means” Marcus beautiful est.” Some scholars argue that the concept of beauty was derived from the ancient Greek term “kalopia” which means “beauty”. This is because, some researchers think, the term “kalopia” originates from the Greek word “kalpikos” which literally means “the face”.

During the Hellenistic period, beautiful figures and bodily beauty were highly valued. Beautiful women were always highly sought after and statues of them can be found throughout the city. However, during the Renaissance period, the definition of beauty blurred between the desire for beauty and the ability to attain it. Manitos of early renaissance Italian politics for example, can be seen as providing evidence of an era of beauty obsession with women.

For the most part, beauty in the Renaissance was defined by physical attractiveness. Men and women alike were looked at for their physical attractiveness. One way to quantify beauty was through what is known as the four S’s, although there are other measurements as well. A beautiful face for instance, would be defined by the distance between the eyes, the nose, the mouth and the chin.

In the modern age, however, beauty is largely measured by the ability to apply makeup and make-up to one’s face. A flawless face on a woman is considered to be exceedingly attractive. Numerous cosmetics products exist to enhance the appearance of one’s face as well. In fact, cosmetics companies make entire products around attractive face makeup. One of the most popular makeup brands in the world priori that markets skin care products and cosmetics with special formulations meant to enhance the look of the face.

The Greek goddesses are often depicted wearing makeup as well. In the case of Aphrodite, it was her beautiful face that attracted the slaveytus, who was her lover. Similarly, Demeter was often pictured with dark circles under her eyes as she slept. The Demeter brow powder is said to be the first cosmetic product to lighten the darkness of Demeter’s eyes. The popularity of Demeter’s face powder can be attributed to the fact that the goddess of beauty had the power to make people beautiful, no matter what their physical attributes.

A Mobile Game That Engages Education

A game is typically a structured form of active play, often undertaken for fun or entertainment, and occasionally used as an educational instrument. Games are very different from work, which generally are carried out primarily for remuneration (as in the case of programmers), and from the literature, which are generally an expressive expression of literary or artistic values. The range of activities covered by a game is practically limitless. They can be for leisure, for competitive recreation, for exercise, as an instructional tool, as a social activity or pastime, or even as a form of therapy.


In this article I want to discuss the potential uses for the board games that we commonly enjoy, and explore the extent to which they can be adapted to meet other purposes. Many games can be adapted to be “board games” in one sense, but adapted again for a variety of other purposes. Some games are inherently generic and may well fulfil a variety of purposes.

We will start with some examples of games that can be adapted to other purposes. The classic game, Chess is ideally suited to being adapted as a teaching tool, where each player is forced to form their own strategy before the game begins. Each player has a set of skills and talents which they must balance against another player, in a strategic effort to achieve a predetermined goal. A classic example is the classic game called Chess, adapted as a teaching tool for young children.

Another example is the Pandemic Legacy: For just under a dollar you can download the whole game, the Print and Play files, including all of the printable cards, tiles and other resources needed. You can use the Print and Play files to create an entire world, complete with seasons, weather, seasons and hazards. As you complete missions in each season, your position on the player count changes, affecting how the whole game will work. As you complete missions and complete events in each season, your rating on the player count changes, affecting how the pandemic progresses. This is a great resource for teachers wanting to teach the game, or even for parents and non-teacher alike, since it is both quick and easy to understand, and has a good structure overall.

I won’t go into great detail about the layout of the Pandemic Legacy: For those who have played the game, or are just curious about what it looks like, I’ll say that it’s a relatively simple game, using lots of nice clean images to represent each disease. The design of the pandemic itself is based around a very basic disease, which spreads rapidly through a network of infected people. The layout uses yellow and red colors to represent positive and negative characters, respectively, while blue is used for the staff. It also uses a lot of white for the eyes, to symbolize sterility, another powerful tool to keep the outbreak contained.

The graphics aren’t anything special, but the sound effects are quite realistic. They’re not exactly near to the next-generation offerings, but the sound effects are still quite nice. Some of the sounds are similar to ones used in popular video games, such as” gunshot” or” explosions”. Bottom line, this mobile game by Design Concepts is a refreshing take on an old idea, and one that I think is especially well-suited for classrooms because of the engaging nature of the lessons it provides.

Beauty – A Subjective Quality?

Beauty is commonly defined as a mental attitude or mental state of things which makes these things enjoyable to perceive. Such things as nature, sunsets, humans, landscapes and other artistic works are regarded as beauty. Beauty, along with taste and art, is the most important theme of aesthetics, another of the many branches of fine philosophy. Art is theoria, or beauty; aesthetics is aestheticism


According to some philosophers, beauty is not merely physical but also mental; beauty could be defined in psychological terms as something which satisfies our aesthetic senses. In other words, beauty involves the emotional response we have toward something beautiful and becomes the object of desire because of its pleasing nature. The pursuit of beauty involves feelings of superiority, self-esteem and desire for admiration. Aesthetic beauty could also involve the urge to imitate, an attempt to copy what exists around us and the desire for a pattern of beauty which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

In aesthetic terms, beauty is beauty in itself and can only be appreciated by the beholder. Beauty is thus subjective, being determined by the personal experiences of the beholder. Beauty, according to some aestheticians, only exists on the level of the mind and can therefore be thought of as an abstract concept. However, some philosophers consider beauty to be subjective, meaning that it is determined by the individual responses of the human eye to a specific object. Thus, an object may be considered beautiful by one person but unattractive by another.

There are two general theories on beauty, or, more accurately, three theories. According to some aestheticians, beauty exists independent of human understanding, needing only to be perceived by the physical senses. On the other hand, some theories consider beauty to be a complex, interrelated system of internal laws based on the physiology and psychology of the human body. According to this view, beauty is not a matter of perception, but is determined by the physical and psychological constitution of a living being such as an animal, and is not a matter of personal opinion, but is a product of the organism’s physiological processes.

The subjectivity of aesthetic experience has led some philosophers to consider that the definition of beauty varies from one person to another, as it is affected by how an object looks to the beholder. It is, after all, an attitude, something that an objectivizer can invent for himself, taking into account the aesthetic environment in which he finds himself. Other philosophers have denied the existence of an aesthetic attitude, contending instead that beauty is a universal, subjective quality. The major difference between these two views is that while some claim that beauty is a subjective quality, others deny that it exists independently of a person’s attitude to it. Still, there are a number of philosophers who maintain that beauty is a universal quality, regardless of whether or not it is perceived by another.

Beauty as an aesthetic object is a question that has occupied philosophers for hundreds of years. In this article we have pointed out some of the ways in which beauty can be defined in the broadest sense and looked at some of the ways in which it can be perceived and judged in the most specific of philosophical sense. When we look at beauty as an aesthetic object, we find that the subjectivity of beauty has led to a kind of aesthetic relativism, in which beauty is seen as it really is for each and every individual, independent of culture, race, gender, and other such extraneous characteristics. We see beauty as it is, seen through the eyes of the beholder.

The Many faces of Gaming


The Many faces of Gaming

Gaming has become more than a pastime for many people. Nowadays it is often included in the lifestyle of a wide variety of people, from professional athletes to schoolchildren. It has become so popular that millions of people play video games on a daily basis.

A game or computer game is generally an interactive computer program that involves user interaction with an external user interface (an external device, computer software or a web browser) or with a computer hardware device, such as a keyboard, mouse, or game controller. Video games often have significant realistic elements that require the use of specialized gaming hardware, such as cameras or special effects. Most video games are designed to simulate or promote certain types of experiences, and some even include sounds and images that are produced by the players themselves. For example, a main character in a role-playing game would be able to hear and imitate his or her companions. In this type of online game, the player’s actions have consequences, which the player is then allowed to affect through the various actions he or she takes.

In the past, gaming devices were quite limited, with consoles and personal computers being the primary methods of user participation. Today, gaming devices have significantly advanced, becoming highly mobile and easy to access. Mobile gaming devices run Windows CE, Pocket PC and WAP. Gaming software can easily be downloaded for these devices, which can then be used to access a wide variety of online games. These games can be played back at any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world.

One of the most interesting aspects of gaming is the interaction between the game and the player. This is where the potential for injury or harm is greatest. Unlike other forms of entertainment, where the player is mostly in command of the characters in the game, in the case of gaming there are often safety settings that allow the players to interact with one another in safe settings. If the gamer does not follow these safety settings, he or she can become very vulnerable to injury.

With the prevalence of massively multiplayer online gaming, the industry has experienced immense growth in terms of the creation, manufacture and sales of gaming hardware and software. Hardware includes video games consoles, handhelds, handheld gaming devices and personal computers. Software is the content that is created by or for the game console and delivered over the Internet. Many people consider online gaming to be an addictive activity, due to the fact that too much of a good thing can be harmful.

Card games, also known as solitaire, were some of the earliest games played using any type of electronic device. The popularity of card games has declined in recent years as the popularity of electronic gaming devices such as consoles has grown. However, card games played using a computer are still popular among many individuals. A relatively new form of interactive entertainment, card games are played with the help of either a computer keyboard or a hand-held video game console.

Mobile Game Writers

A game is essentially a structured form of playful play, normally undertaken for fun or entertainment, and occasionally used as an instructional tool. Games are quite different from work, which traditionally is done for remuneration, and unlike art, which is typically more of an expressive or aesthetic element of artistic or philosophical elements. However, games can take many forms. Some games are recreational, some teach basic life skills, others are purely creative works, while others are hybrid forms.


Games have a great deal to teach us. Games based on board games, such as Monopoly, Clue, Risk, etc., teach the essential concepts of property management, risk assessment and risk control, with varying degrees of success according to a player’s ability to foresee and manage their opponents’ moves. Other board games, such as Chess and Scrabble, teach the concepts of strategy and tactics. In terms of pure creative work, some of the best works by recognized game designers have been dedicated to educating audiences about the social relevance of board games, the importance of community and teamwork, the concept of fantasy and how to express it through gaming, and the importance of creativity in making a game.

A major role in the development of a game’s appeal is its game designer. The games are developed by teams of people who take turns designing them. The individual responsible for the most complex features of a game may be the staff writer. Staff writers are responsible for improving the gameplay, visual design, sounds and interface, as well as creating new content for players.

One of the challenges for a staff writer working on a board game design is developing the proper number of different characters in the game. Characters in board games are usually restricted to a single color, their abilities are limited to a single type of ability, and their movement is restricted to a fixed path. The staff writer needs to overcome these limitations to ensure that the various characters can be properly integrated within the game’s overall structure. The developers need to focus on the most important functions and create systems to allow players to execute their plans without having to stretch the creative boundaries of the game. In order to improve the player’s experience, the staff writer must provide information about each character’s identity, strengths and weaknesses, as well as how those characters will function together in a complicated environment.

Mobile game developers can benefit from a staff writer with experience in designing games for both PC and mobile devices. Due to the recent trend of allowing players to play multi-player games online using their smartphones, mobile devices are quickly replacing PCs in terms of how people are entertained. When it comes to designing games for the mobile screen, the focus is on speed and the user experience. Developers must use the latest technologies and algorithms to enable their games to run smoothly and keep up with the pace of fast moving action on the portable device. The staff writer for this genre of mobile game should have knowledge of the most popular controls for touch screen devices.

To provide the world with a rich diversity of characters, there is no substitute for writers who have worked on a variety of games with varying user counts. When it comes to creating unique stories for today’s ever-changing audiences, there is no substitute for creativity and experience. Writers who specialize in mobile games can help to bridge the gap between large publishers and small game developers.

Conceptual Framework for Healthy Life Expectancy and Equity

Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is a condition characterized by a level of healthy living that reduces the risk for death or other adverse medical conditions and enhances the quality of life. A wide variety of definitions have also been applied to health over time. In its most broad sense, health is regarded as the ability to survive and perform normally in the face of threatening physical factors or circumstances. It is acknowledged that being in good health is of paramount important for people to lead productive and satisfying lives. A healthy life has become synonymous with a long life and good health status.


The process of defining health has become more complex as the public has become more aware of their weight, height, diet, physical activity levels and other factors that affect their health. These indicators are used by healthcare professionals to identify those who require greater attention to improving their health, as well as those at risk of developing diseases or illnesses that could negatively impact their lifestyles and living standards. It is important to note that a person’s level of well-being is not necessarily equated to their level of health but rather their degree of fitness and physical functioning.

In order to reduce the levels of health care disparities experienced by people of differing socio-economic statuses, it is essential to address the issues related to social determinants of health and physical environments that can exacerbate or prolong existing health differences. An important example of these determinants is found in the gender composition of an individual. Men are now considered to be more health conscious and proactive than ever before and are more likely to consult with their doctors about their health concerns, if they are aware of them. However, this is not the case for women.

Women are now leading the way in the fight against social determinants of health. This has created a great opportunity for organizations to develop comprehensive action plans addressing health disparities. However, organizations must integrate the elements of an action plan into their overall health and wellness strategies, in order to be successful. For this reason, all stakeholders must be included in the planning phase of any strategic initiatives aimed at eliminating health disparities. This includes:

In addition to health policies that aim to provide appropriate access to quality health services and promote healthy life expectancy and longevity, a comprehensive wellness strategy should include an action plan on how to address social determinants of health. The action plan should also consider measures to prevent the occurrence and development of any potential illnesses or ailments associated with lifestyle factors, such as poor diet, smoking, obesity, lack of physical activity, lack of exercise, poor nutrition and other similar habits. These habits or lifestyles may be associated with a particular environmental setting, such as a poor environment or poor health policy. In fact, even if there is a good environment, a low level of physical activity and unhealthy eating habits can still contribute to health disparities.

One important tool in developing a health promotion strategy is the development of a conceptual framework that addresses the relationships between health and equity. Such a conceptual framework should draw on the concepts and research findings of health and disability studies, qualitative methods, qualitative study methodology and community health education. Such a framework may also incorporate the concepts of disadvantage, access, equity, and health promotion, and their intersections. The health equity conceptual framework should therefore integrate the concepts of health policy, health promotion, health equity, and health justice to form an overall holistic health policy.

What Is Beauty?


What Is Beauty?

Beauty is often described as a subjective feature of things which makes these things pleasing to see. These things include natural landscapes, sunsets, beautiful humans, and masterpieces of art. Beauty, along with personal taste and aesthetic sense, is perhaps the most important area of aesthetic philosophy, arguably the most important philosophical branch of all. As the famous French writer Malebolle argued beauty is a matter of the “abstraction of our inner being,” this line of thinking is at the heart of all aesthetic appreciation.

The essential characteristic of beauty, according to many philosophers, is symmetry. This suggests that all things must have a well-balanced aspect, a symmetrical aspect, a form that is both delicate and strong at the same time. Beauty therefore is a subjective aspect that can be considered in a number of different ways. According to the majority of philosophers, beauty is a sort of aesthetic objectivity, the ability to see an object or situation in a unique and particular way, and the ability to appreciate its inherent qualities regardless of their beauty.

In contrast, some other philosophers argue that beauty is not merely an aesthetic quality but also a physical attribute or trait that can be objectively measured. This school of thought is known as the post-rhetoric school of thought. Under this view, beauty is defined by what appeals to the majority of people. In fashion, beauty is often associated with the styles of high fashion designers such as Tom Ford or coats designed by British designer John Galliano, but this idea of beauty is not limited to fashion and does not mean that all fashionable people are aesthetically flawless.

On the other side of the argument, some people believe that beauty is a subjective aesthetic quality that is not dependent on the aesthetic senses but is grounded in the social world of everyday life. This school of thought is known as the aesthetic gaze theory or, more precisely, as the aesthetic context theory. According to this theory, beauty is not something that can be measured and appreciated independently of the person viewing it, or the social world. The social media aesthetic may appeal to some as opposed to others, but the truth is that it is only an aesthetic quality that can be objectively assessed.

However, there is still another school of thought in aesthetics which believes that beauty is something that is experienced rather than an objective quality. In this view, beauty is a sort of emotion and therefore something that can be objectively measured. If you look at a person lying on the beach, you will notice many aspects of the person such as the sun’s rays, the sand on the beach, and even the sea itself. However, these aspects of the body do not have any aesthetic value according to this school of thought.

Some people do consider that beauty is a subjective experience and only an aesthetic quality that can be measured. However, when you look at beauty through the eyes of a beholder, you can see different aspects of beauty in different subjects. Beauty is subjective and beauty can only be found in the mind of the beholder. What social media does is allow us to measure beauty objectively and thus redefine beauty.

List of US companies announcing earnings today (EPS)

Shares rose to a record on Monday as investors bet a new round of stimulus spending would boost the economy.

The Dow Jones industry average added 237.52 points, or 0.8%, to 31,385.76, continuing its rise after the blue-chip index posted the biggest one-week improvement since November.

Companies EPS forecast  Revenue forecast
Cisco (CSCO)   0,7555   11,92B
NTT Docomo ADR (DCMGG)   0,4691   11,21B
Industrivarden C (0MHU)   –   –
Industrivarden A (0H13)   –   –
Total ADR (TOT)   0,4197   29,67B
National Loyalty Information (FIS)   1,56   3.36B
S&P Global (SPGI)   2.54   1,75B
Fiserv (FISV)   1.29   3,73B
Honda engine ADR (HMC)   0,8687   34,86B
Twitter Inc (TWTR)   0,2926   1,18B
Avanza banka (0NUK)   2.25   706.77 thousand
DuPont De Nemours (DD)   0,854   5.15B
Japan Tobacco ADR (JAPAI)   0,1367   4,65B
Carrier Global (CARR)   0,3601   4,51B
Centene (CNC)   0,4668   28,28B
Transdigm (TDG)   1,99   1,12B
Shiseido (SSDOY)   -0,2403   2,52B
Willis Towers Watson (WLTW)   5.03   2,7B
Welltower (GOOD)   0,1306   1.1B
Enfaza (ENPH)   0,4108   253.68 million
FUJIFILM Holdings Corp (FUJIY)   0,8472   5,55B
Nissan Motor ADR (NSANY)   -0,3204   21,29B
Canopy growth (WEED)   -0,3275   149.27 thousand
Atrium Ljungberg B (0IHM)   1,66   571,83M
Ocado (OCDO)   -0,13   1.221 million
POSCO (PKX)   1,52   13,73B
Incyte (INCY)   0,5346   659,5M
Daiwa House ADR (DWAHY)   0,3629   9,05B
Ceridian HCM (CDAY)   0,0917   279.55 million
Akamai (AKAM)   1.31   830.31 thousand
Martin Marietta Materials (MLM)   2.28   1,04B
Fox Corp A (FOXA)   -0,0602   4B
Fox Corp B (FOX)   -0,0565   4B
LIFT (LIFT)   -0,7154   561,08M
Cenovus Energy Inc (CVE)   -0,1064   3,71B
Canopy Growth (CGC)   -0,2537   115.69 million
Healthpeak Properties (PEAK)   0,0523   595.91 thousand
Asahi Kaisei Corp (AHKSY)   0,3065   4.79B
Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL)   -5.2   35.62 million
FMC (FMC)   1.47   1,17B
Ceridian HCM (CDAY)   0,071   217.51 ​​thousand
Gartner (IT)   0,8165   1,07B
Mascot (MAS)   0,7437   1.8B
Atea (0JWO)   2.26   10,64B
Jacobs Engineering (J)   1.27   3.32B
Times B (0KBQ)   –   –
Capital (ACGL)   0,3796   1,66B
Yara International ASA (YARIY)   0,3536   3B
Cenovus Energy Inc (CVE)   -0,0816   2,88B
Crown (CCK)   1.27   2,87B
UbiSoft Entertainment Inc (UBSFY)   –   1,18B
Qiagen (QGEN)   0,646   547.66 million
ADR lines (LN)   -0,2731   643.42 million
United Dominion (UDR)   0,0946   304.86 million
Randstad Holdings NV (RANJY)   0,4898   6,62B
Sharp ADR (SHCAY)   0,0791   6.21B
Fidelity Financial (FNF)   1.28   2,88B
Betsson (0A37)   2.07   1,75B
Toray Industries ADR (TRYIY)   0,1086   4.83B
Tata Steel DRC (TISCq)   0,2436   5.26B
Suntory Drink & Food (STBFY)   0,1144   2,86B
Ubisoft (0NVL)   –   986.16 thousand
Qiagen (0RLT)   0,5359   454.41 thousand
Randstad (0NW2)   0,8114   5,51B
Results (0RFP)   1.26   907.59 million
Aramark Holdings (ARMK)   -0,4122   2,74
II-VI (IIVI)   0,895   767.38 million
Alteryx (AYX)   0,304   152,11M
Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)   3.93   2,31B
Genpact (G)   0,4907   934.43 thousand
Insured (AIZ)   2.07   2,54B
Texas Pacific Land Trust (TPL)   4.66   64,15M
FirstService (FSV)   1.07   940.27 thousand
FirstService (FSV)   1.07   940.27 thousand
Spare vest (0G67)   1.93   1,28B
Ravanjski GP Holdings (PAGP)   0,2121   5,76B
Lindab International (0MWK)   2.18   2,42B
Voya Financial Inc (VOYA)   1,45   1,44B
Mediobanca (0HBF)   0,18   630M
Sealed air (SEE)   0,7781   1.3B
Concentric AB (0P4X)   0,00   346M
Ravan All American Pipeline (PAA)   0,3561   5,83B
Mattel (MAT)   0,2305   1,58B
Reynolds (REYN)   0,5638   879,08M
Oji ADR (OJIPY)   1,62   3.33B
Shift4 Payments Inc (ČETIRI)   -0,0514   87.87 million
Participation Team (TIMB)   0,264   862.65 million
Coty Inc (COTY)   0,0706   1,43B
Woori Financial (WF)   0,8216   1,61B
Primerica (PRI)   2.5   571,13M
Provisional International Bank (CMGGF)   0,1314   415.79 million
Commer Intl bank (COMIq)   0,1314   415.79 million
EastGroup Group (EGP)   0,6143   93,01M
Voestalpine (0MKX)   0,09   2,96B
KT (KT)   0,1779   5,62B
Yelp (YELP)   -0,0045   228.22 million
Hanesbrands (HBI)   0,2853   1,64B
Tenet Healthcare (THC)   0,9498   4,85B
Orion Oyj B (0M2O)   0,2851   267.88 million
Dai Nippon tisak ADR (DNPLY)   –   3,27B
Douglas Emmett (DEI)   0,0116   220.18 million
NCR (NCR)   0,5944   1,63B
Finning International (FTT)   0,3722   1.6B
Rapid7 Inc (RPD)   -0,0769   108.86 million
Nokian Tires (0FFY)   0,5024   444,12M
WESCO (WCC)   1.36   4.12B
Highwood Properties (HIW)   0,4725   179.8 million
Spirit Aerosystems (SPR)   -0,8349   898,23M
New housing invitation (NRZ)   0,3207   638.7 million
Hain Heavenly   0,2965   522.47 thousand
Corsair (CRSR)   0,4268   521.67 million
nVent Electric (NVT)   0,4208   515.88 million
WR Grace&Co (GRA)   0,8566   467.89 million
Avient Corp (AVNT)   0,4547   922.59 million
Black Hills (BKH)   1.15   592,08M
LCI Industries (LCII)   1,79   725.22 million
Stepstone (STEP)   0,1634   76,95M
Vishay Intertechnology (VSH)   0,2817   652.71 thousand
CNO Financial (CNO)   0,5858   887.19 million
Red Rock Resorts (RRR)   0,3342   345.41 thousand
Bench br / min (0RLA)   -0,09   1,03B
First Capital Realty (FCR_u)   –   –
Goodyear guma & Rubber Co (GT)   0,2214   3.6B
FirstService (FSV)   0,8146   712.27 thousand
Deciphera Pharma (DCPH)   -1.15   18.97 thousand
ARC resources (ARX)   0,1   367.5 million
Prospect Capital (PSEC)   0,155   145,63M
Countless Genetics (MYGN)   -0,1214   151.78 million
Microfocus ADR (MFGP)   0,90   1.507 million
Alegre zlato (aliaf)   0,32   169.45 million
OI glass (OI)   0,3367   1,48B
Avaya (AVYA)   1.03   723.57 million
Logistician (0QWA)   –   297.94 thousand
Edgewell Personal Care (EPC)   0,25   432.55 million
USANA Health Sciences (USNA)   1.41   289.84 million
US Assets (AAT)   0,17   84.35 million
Two ports (TWO)   0,2287   62.88 million
Micro focus (MCRO)   0,85   1,504M
Malibu Boats Inc (MBUU)   1.03   189,8M
Model N Inc (MODN)   0,0678   40.42 million
PC connection (CNXN)   0,62   651.27 million
Stewart Information Services (STC)   1,49   605.2 million
National Survey (NRC)   –   –
ADR u Toyobu (TYOBY)   –   801,89M
Camtek (CAMT)   0,1767   43,07M
MTS systems (MTSC)   0,26   202,3M
CTS Corp (CTS)   0,33   115.71 thousand
Brookdale Senior Living (BKD)   -0,165   817,26 m
Trivago (TRVG)   -0,03   37.02M
St.Modwen (SMP)   –   –
Absolute Software (ABST)   0,02   28.92 thousand
A10 network (ATEN)   0,1555   63.29 million
CNX medium flow (CNXM)   0,4022   72.7 million
Arch resursi (ARCH)   -1.44   351.27 million
Magic (MGIC)   0,1867   94.65 million
CleanSpark (CLSK)   -0,80   2.79 million
Green Plain Energy (GPRE)   -0,3843   679.71 thousand
Apartman Invest (AIV)   0,0054   203.86 million
Absolute Software (ABST)   0,035   29.02M
Perion Network (PERI)   0,29   109.48 million
SurModics (SRDX)   -0,05   23.07M
Calian Technologies (CGY)   0,6225   114.71 million
Rayonier Advanced Materials (RYAM)   -0,12   454.35 million
Atrium Mortgage Investment Corp (AI)   0,23   –
Manitowoc (MTW)   0,0937   435.72 million
WildBrain   0,0028   136.8 million
WildBrain   0,0028   136.8 million
Car Parts (MPAA)   0,4925   140,08M
Computer Programs & Systems (CPSI)   0,7007   68.76 million
Allocation of communications (ALLT)   0,01   38.87 million
PennantPark Variable Rate Capital (PFLT)   0,27   21.18 thousand
Maritime Ships (NMCI)   0,1413   26.97 million
RCI catering (RICK)   0,3   35.39 million
Banka Rakyat (BKRKY)   0,1679   2.12B
International Petroleum (IPCO)   -0,0004   143,56M
PennantPark (PNNT)   0,1362   19.74 thousand
Tyme Tech (TYME)   -0,06   0,00
NGL Energy Partners LP (NGL)   0,0117   1,48B
Quarterhill (QTRH)   -0,03   29.22 thousand
Citizens & North (CZNC)   0,42   25.71 thousand
NVE Corporation (NVEC)   –   –
Radiation (RLGT)   0,095   48.2 million
LiveXLive media (LIVX)   -0,1075   17.63 thousand
GoldMoney (XAU)   -0,01   72.38 million
First Southern Bank (SFST)   0,8867   27.62 thousand
cbdMD (YCBD)   -0,0133   12.13 thousand
Sequans Communication (SQNS)   -0,258   15.55 thousand
Genasys Inc (GNSS)   0,00   9M
Greenbrook TMS (GTMS)   -0,43   16.97 thousand
Quarterhill (QTRHF)   -0,0077   22.67 thousand
Air table (TABLE)   0,0267   130.4M
Cantilever energy (CEIX)   1,62   342.1 thousand
Amark Preci (AMRK)   1.03   1,43B
Timkensteel Corp (TMST)   -0,2   173 million
Green Plains Partners LP (GPP)   0,465   21.33 thousand
Civic Financial Services (CZFS)   1,86   16,00M
Genfit (GNFT)   -0,24   2.95 million
Naval Unit (NMM)   0,6169   60.47 million
IsoRay (ISR)   -0,01   2.4 million
Yatra Online (YTRA)   -0,0631   7.6 thousand
Eastern Cooperation (EML)   –   –
GasLog Partners LP (GLOP)   0,3006   80.82 million
Trilogical metals (TMQ)   -0,0167   0,00
WildBrain (WLDBF)   0,0021   105.22 million
Capstone turbina (CPST)   -0,26   18.08M
Outside the air (XAIR)   -0,3125   273,67K
Bioanalytical Systems (BASI)   -0,19   –
Bay Banks Virginia (BAYK)   0,14   10.20M
Arlington Asset Investment (AAIC)   0,0435   4.23 million
Malvern (MLVF)   0,25   7.59 million
Organovo Holdings (ONVO)   -0,06   0.79 million
Alpine Income (PINE)   0,05   5.55 million
Manning&Napier (MN)   0,06   30M
Alkaline water (WATER)   -0,065   9.58 million
Elektromed (ELMD)   0,04   8.14M
Along the way (WSTG)   –   –
Hennessy Ad (HNNA)   0,39   10.71 thousand
Comstock Mining (LODE)   -0,04   49.8 thousand
Hickok (CRAWA)   0,45   22,2 thousand
Investcorp Credit Management BDC (ICMB)   0,195   6.85 million
Sensus Health (SRTS)   -0,1117   2,53M
Mexco Energy (MXC)   –   –
North American Offshore (PSV)   -0,18   11.1 thousand
Blue Capital Reinsurance (BCRHF)   0,06   7.4 thousand
Financial Inbursa ADR (GPFOY)   0,1254   392.61 thousand