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Healthy Life: The Third Definition


Healthy Life: The Third Definition

Health is a condition where disease and infirmity are completely absent. Various definitions have been applied for different purposes over the years. The definition may be psychological, emotional or medical and may also take into account a person’s social behavior. The goal of health is to maintain a balance between mind, body and spirit which can be achieved through the five facets of health which include physiological health, mental health, emotional health, and lifestyle management. There is also an element of prevention and control, which is included in this comprehensive approach.

Health is an essential good and requires all people to be healthy. One must consider themselves to be physically well-off if they are able to take part in society and contribute to the economic well-being. However, there are also many groups who fall short of this standard and as a result suffer from health disparity. Those who are diagnosed with an illness or disability are the main group affected by health disparity and health gap. These are the poor, who suffer from poor health, those with disabilities that affect their ability to work and the elderly who suffer from physical limitations that significantly reduce their ability to live independently.

There are many reasons for health disparities. One can find disparity when looking at the health of men and women, the ethnic groups, the age groups, the poverty line, the geographic location and the culture. This is evident in the U.S. population as there are more obese, diabetic and hypertensive persons than healthy persons. This is likely due to the different lifestyles and practices people engage in. People who eat unhealthy foods are at higher risk of developing diabetes, while obese people and those who are hypertensive are more likely to be categorized as obese and overweight.

The third definition of health would be that a person is physically fit and has no history of any serious illnesses. This may seem like a very broad idea and it would certainly depend on whether the person had any history of diseases like cancer or heart diseases. However, this would only reflect the general health of an individual and not reflect his capability to take care of himself and prevent him from being sick. The more likely he is to get diseases, the more likely his life will be compromised. Most people with chronic conditions are at higher risk of getting diseases.

On the other hand, healthy promotion also entails the promotion of good health. It is not enough to have a healthy diet and exercise. A balanced diet and physical activity cannot help if you have some physical disorders as well. You need to ensure that you are taking all the preventive measures that you can against these diseases so that you do not become prone to them. Good health would not only prevent diseases, it would also promote a better quality of life.

In conclusion, a healthy promotion is not only promoting good nutrition, regular exercises and a healthy lifestyle. It also requires an environment that promotes good health. This environment is usually an ideal one that is conducive to physical activities and the like. It should be clean and free from dust and pollution. It should also be free from unhealthy practices and attitudes towards health and fitness.