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The Impact Of Multiplayer Gaming On Video Game Design

We all have seen it before: a child in front of the television or PC, playing a video game. It is probably the most boring form of entertainment available, but it is also one of the most addictive. Recently, it has been suggested that video games are so addicting that many children become glued to their computers and gaming consoles, for periods of time each day. There is evidence to show that even young children can be addicted to computer gaming. The result is parents worrying about their children’s welfare.


Video games are now available in different formats, including games for personal computers, handheld consoles (such as Nintendo Wii), gaming consoles (PlayStation 2, X-Box, and Play station 3), video game handheld consoles, and online multiplayer video games (MMORPGs). Online multiplayer video games, also called massively multiplayer online games, are multiplayer online games that use the Internet as a means of interaction. A typical MMORPG uses a bulletin board as well as chat rooms and player controlled avatars to take part in the game. The interaction can take place through a keyboard and mouse, or a hand held device (such as a PlayStation 2 or X-Box). Unlike other types of interactive games, such as car racing, puzzle, or strategy games, in a MMORPG the players are usually not required to physically put a person into “combat” or move a physical object from one place to another.

Some gaming devices, such as consoles and handhelds, allow the players to move and interact with others within the “virtual world”, whereas others require physical presence on a console or PC. For instance, playing games on a console allows the player to manipulate characters by inputting specific commands into the game interface. However, some gaming devices such as handheld consoles, do not allow interaction unless a person is using a controller to physically play the game. In addition, while playing games on consoles or PCs, gamers are not usually able to change their gameplay via the “multiplayer” aspect of the game. Therefore, most MMORPGs require that gamers engage in “auctions” or “gambling” by purchasing items with other players to try and win items that are otherwise impossible to obtain.

There are many different genres of video games. The most popular, and the one that has the most potential to attract global audiences is the MMORPG. These massively multi-player online role playing games require players to work together in teams in order to take on different quests and defeat powerful bosses. The player’s progress throughout the game is determined by how effectively they participate in “auctions”, and whether or not they are victorious in these auctions. In this way, gaming enthusiasts can play with co-gamers or friends at the same time, which has been the basis of many online gaming communities.

With the introduction of massively multiplayer online role playing games, or MORPG, comes a new type of gaming experience known as massively virtual reality or MMO. In this type of MMORPG, gamers take on the persona of their characters. Their wardrobe, finances, skills, abilities, etc. are all functioning in tandem with the actions of their character in order to complete quests, overcome challenges, and achieve the overall victory. This type of experience makes for an experience that is completely different from playing games with only a single player.

Most video games provide a certain degree of interactivity between the player and the environment. However, with an MMORPG, gamers are literally taking on the persona of their characters in order to achieve goals. Gamers are able to create characters that include their own interests, skills, strengths, weaknesses, physical attributes, and much more. With the introduction of massively multiplayer online role-playing games, or MMORPGs, there has never been a better time to become involved in the exciting world of gaming.