After one month of using, testing and comparing Bathmate with other penis pumps, here’s my honest review! Are they worth $ 159? Let’s talk about it! (UPDATE: July 2020)

Bathmate the best (and best-selling) penis pump in the world

Ever heard of penis enlargement pumps? If you are on this page, maybe yes.

What you might not know is that there is a penis enlargement pump that is often talked about for several years now.

I talk about BathMate.

Introduced in 2006, this penis pump has achieved global success in just a few years.

Do you think that more than 250,000 of these products are sold every year: amazing results for special sectors.

But will this work?

I will tell you the truth:

I am always a little skeptical about these products, both because of the lack of practicality and the benefits they can really provide.

But in the case of BathMate, I feel I can make an exception.

I asked many questions for a long time, directly with the pump manufacturer, before writing this review and giving my opinion.

So make yourself comfortable and … let’s get started!

What is BathMate and why does it interest you

Bathmate review real results after 30 days

As I said, BathMate is a penis enlargement pump.

And this is the first characteristic of this product when it was first introduced.

In fact it is not an extender that stretches the penis and lengthens it and you have to carry it throughout the day.

This is what we will see later, the first characteristic that surprised me and that made me consider this product.

But it does not end there.

BathMate is not only a penis enlargement pump, but also the best-selling pump in the world.

It is sold in almost every country and has more than 250,000 copies distributed to men throughout the world.

Real record.

But what determines the success? Simple and positive reviews on the web.

So let’s go further and see how BathMate works.

And how that can realistically help you extend your penis.

How it works and its mechanism of action

The use of BathMate is quite simple and intuitive.

Because it’s easier to show you how it works than to explain it.

I’m looking for a demonstration video that clearly illustrates how it works.

When bathing, fill BathMate with water, position it close to the pubic bone and do a push for about 15 minutes.

In this way, it acts as a pump, allowing elongation of the penis.

Now let’s see in what cases BathMate can be contraindicated.

Side effects and contraindications

BathMate has no side effects, no contraindications.

However, based on my experience with other products of this type, there are certain situations where you should pay attention.

First of all, be careful if you suspect you have any abnormality that affects the penis.

In this case, an examination from a doctor before using BathMate can certainly be indicated.

Also, be careful not to overdo it. Fifteen minutes a day is more than enough.

If you go too far, you can run the risk of experiencing discomfort (weaker erections, darker penis, etc.)

But generally can be reversed with a little rest.

However, you can feel quite comfortable.

BathMate is a safe product and, as I said, there are hundreds of thousands of sales generated by this product.

Now let’s look at some reviews from those who have tried BathMate.

Reviews and opinions of those who have used BathMate

bathmate customer review - i share my #1 crazy experience with you!

I really checked the web looking for reviews and real opinions about this product.

All right, I have to tell you that I’m surprised.

We discuss it very well, especially in several forums that are dedicated specifically to various penis enlargement techniques and which are usually quite severe and critical with this particular type of product.

In particular, what should be appreciated is the ease of use, the pleasant feeling you feel and the results in terms of extension and enlargement.

The latter is clearly different from human to human.

In general, I can tell you that depending on testimony, from a minimum of 2-3 centimeters to 8-9 centimeters.

So let’s see what are the three main models of BathMate.

The three main models of BathMate

As I said, BathMate is sold in three main models.

Basic models, intermediate and advanced models, for all tastes.

Let’s look at each one individually, with each main characteristic.

bathmate hydro pump

BathMate Hydro

This is a basic model and is recommended especially for beginners.

It is suitable for those who have a penis, in erection, between 13 and 18 cm in length and have moderate strength and effective action.

Because it is ideal for those who are starting and satisfied with the basic results.

Bathmate HydroMax

bathmate hydromax

This is an intermediate model

Recommended for almost everyone.

It is suitable for those who have a penis, erection, between 8 and 23 cm long and have excellent strength and effective action.

It is available in various models, according to the specific needs of each man.

Bathmate HydroExtreme

This is the most sophisticated model

Recommended especially for the more experienced.

It is suitable for those who have a penis, in erection, between 8 and 28 cm long and have great strength and effective action.

It is therefore ideal for those who want maximum results from this type of product.

BathMate, prices and cheaper deals

This is the expected price for various BathMate models.

Hydro7 (only $110.00)

Suitable for those with erect penis between 13 and 18 cm, standard delivery included.

BathMate HydroMax (only $129.00)

Suitable for those with penile erections between 8 and 23 cm, standard delivery included.

BathMate HydroExtreme (only $209.00)

Suitable for those with erect penis between 8 and 28 cm, standard delivery included.

Most sold? The second.

This is actually suitable for most men, because it adapts well to male anatomy, allowing good stretches.

Now let’s see where BathMate can be purchased.

The place to buy BathMate secretly

bathmate original website

BathMate can be purchased in two ways: directly from the manufacturer’s official website or through an authorized dealer.

I personally recommend the first option.

Why? For a very simple reason: given the product’s popularity, there are several counterfeit products in circulation.

Which therefore raises risks related to use and actions that are clearly less effective.

The price may be lower, but the money could be thrown away.

So in my opinion, it’s not worth the risk.

So I leave you a link to the product’s official website if you want to deepen the discussion:

Click here to learn more about BathMate.

There you will find all offers and all products from the BathMate line.

So I leave you with a few last suggestions.

Final thoughts and personal comments

So I illustrate the general characteristics of BathMate.

But do you recommend it? It depends.

Products like this can definitely help for those who want to increase penis size, but they don’t do wonders.

The best way to use BathMate is to combine it with male enhancement pills to improve your sexual life.

You can read reviews about Male Extra which are designed to improve your sexual performance and treat erectile dysfunction.

By combining the two, you will see that the results will be there.

In the meantime, if you want to know more about BathMate, click below and visit the website.