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Beauty – An Attitude

Beauty is often described as a particular aesthetic feature of objects which makes these objects pleasant to see. These objects include sunsets, landscapes, humans and beautiful works of art. Beauty, along with personal taste and aesthetics, is probably the most important topic of aesthetics, among the various branches of modern philosophy. In fact, aesthetics has become one of the most popular and influential disciplines of academic study in all of academia today.

The word beauty, from the Latin phrase optima, means “of the eye.” In the late Middle Ages, aesthetics became associated with religious practices and ideas about how the senses and mind could be guided by faith. In the early modern period, beauty became tied more closely to human understanding of beauty. In fact, some philosophers and aesthetic practitioners even felt that beauty could be a form of intelligence. With the development of new technologies, the nineteenth century gave way to the twentieth century, which also witnessed a movement towards greater self-awareness and an increased sense of personal freedom.

In the twentieth century, there have been many beauty trends. However, two beauty trends that are still very prominent are glamor anduteurship. Glamor consists of using an excess amount of color or painting on a surface to make it look colorful and attractive. On the other hand, auteurism concerns itself with understated, classic beauty.

The two beauty trends were able to find unique manifestations in different forms of artwork, fashion and interior design. Artists found unique ways to make their work appealing to the public. Fashion designers improved the production process and distribution of beauty products. And interior decorators took advantage of new window treatments, furniture patterns and fabrics to beautify their environments.

Even today, these two beauty trends are still relevant. Many companies, institutions and individuals have found ways to enhance their beauty through the use of various beauty products. Some beauty products may include cosmetics, hair care products and health and beauty products such as skin care, perfume, spa and massage services. There are also beauty trends involving men and women who seek to be more attractive to the opposite sex.

Although beauty trends are not always flattering to some people, they continue to develop and adapt to changing needs and demands. There is no universal beauty standard. Most importantly, beauty trends are never static; they are always changing, evolving and becoming diversified. Beauty is an attitude and outlook towards life that may vary from one culture and society to another. Beauty trends are usually associated with social issues like gender roles, cultural norms and the roles of women and men in their respective societies