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Daily Brief, October 1 – Everything you need to learn about gold today!

Good morning guys

Prices of the precious metal, gold, closed at 1,885,236, after reaching a high of 1,902.21 and a low of 1,881.32. Overall, the gold movement remained bearish throughout the day. Despite announcing a daily loss on Wednesday, gold prices ended the third quarter of the year with a 4% gain. The US dollar strengthened again in the market, weighing in on yellow metal prices, but the US dollar index (DXY) was almost unchanged on Wednesday, at 93.92. However, in September it managed to record a gain of 2%. Overall, the U.S. dollar index fell 3.5% in the third quarter, helping gold make profit in the same period.On Wednesday, the U.S. dollar was stable due to a failed U.S. presidential debate on Tuesday. Election candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, they took part in the first of three presidential debates on Tuesday. They discussed issues such as Trump’s leadership, the coronavirus pandemic, taxes, and the U.S. economy, but the debate ended in chaos, and none of the candidates drew a decisive advantage from the debate. The yellow metal, which he was gaining ahead of the hearing, suddenly fell, announcing losses Wednesday after the hearing ended.

Meanwhile, hopes for the next round of U.S. stimulus measures rose on Wednesday, after U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said an agreement between Democrats and Republicans is possible by the end of this week. Optimism over the U.S. stimulus package was also fueled after U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Wednesday that the White House would talk to Democratic opponents in Congress.

Moreover, the latest comments from Federal Reserve Governor Michelle Bowman, on Wednesday, also helped improve the sense of risk. She said the U.S. economic recovery from the coronavirus-induced recession has been uneven, as unemployment levels remain high and the need for further monetary stimulus and fiscal support remains.

Meanwhile, Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank President Neel Kashkari said the fragmented U.S. economic recovery would continue unless a dramatic change or breakthrough in vaccine development or a dramatic policy change comes sooner than expected. He said the current system is fraught with great, unacceptable risks and that the economic recovery is comparable to a car that needs a new transmission.

In terms of data, gold has been declining due to improved sense of risk from optimistic Chinese economic data released earlier in the day. China’s PMI for manufacturing came above 50, to 51.5, and found that China’s manufacturing sector expanded during September. Furthermore, China’s non-industrial PMI also rose above 50.0, to 55.9, in September, supporting optimism that the economic recovery will be faster than expected.

On the U.S. front, the change in employment in the non-agricultural economy of ADP for September rose to 749 thousand, compared to the expected 650 thousand, supporting the US dollar. At 5:20 p.m. GMT, Chicago’s PMI also climbed above expectations of 52.0, to 62.4, providing strength to the U.S. dollar. At 17:39 GMT, the final GDP data for the quarter showed a decline of -31.4% compared to the projected -31.7%, which increased the US dollar. The announced home sales in August also rose to 8.8% from the expected 3.1% and supported the US dollar. Strong macroeconomic data from the U.S. boosted the greenback, putting pressure on yellow metal prices on Wednesday.

Daily technical level

Resistance support

1.887,74 1.911,74

1.872,27 1.920,27

1.863,74 1.935,74

Turning point: 1,896.27

The precious metal, gold, traded at 1,892 and formed a series of side candles in the hourly range, showing a trading range of 1,900 to 1,886. A bull break at the 1,900 level could spur a purchase to the 1,918 level, along with a support level of 1,863. Let’s look at U.S. data on unemployment claims and PMI for manufacturing to determine a further market trend. Bull bias seems dominant today. Good luck!

How to Improve Your Gaming Skills by Learning About Video Game Guides

In its most basic form, a computer or video game is an interactive computer program that entails interaction between a user interface (a display device such as a mouse, joystick, keyboard, or touch screen) and some internal components. Typically, this is done through the use of game software, which allows the user to interact with the game through his or her keyboard and mouse. However, games may also require the use of specialized gaming hardware devices for certain titles. Video game consoles are designed to play video games; in fact, they are often referred to as “playing machines” because their main function is to play games. In most cases, game consoles have game-playing software that interfaces with game software. The game software may be written to work with a particular type of game console, or it may be written for general game consoles but require the proper implementation using specific hardware.


There are many aspects of the games themselves that impact the way they are played and the way they are programmed. For example, certain video games may have “time limits,” which dictate the amount of time a player must spend in a mode to achieve a set goal. Time limits can be used for simulation, competition, or other purposes. In addition, game consoles may include safety settings, which limit the number of points that can be earned or the time allowed to play a level before being forced to perform another action. While these features may seem minimal, studies have shown that players who enjoy the thrill of competition and the challenge of reaching a goal often find difficulty in overcoming time constraints.

Many individuals enjoy playing video games, and almost everyone has experienced playing Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo. However, there is a difference between having fun and playing well. One of the biggest concerns about gaming and high-end electronics is that they can become overly expensive and under-utilize their potential. Unfortunately, many gamers buy a gaming console with expensive accessories and spend their hard-earned money on these items without considering if they really need them. Even when a gamer buys new accessories, many times they cannot make the most of the item because they do not understand how it came to be so expensive.

Many experts have advised against purchasing a gaming console that does not come with the proper cords or safety settings. Often, cordless headsets and wireless controllers are sold separately, which means that users will not be able to determine how they will connect to each other. It is also common for wireless controllers to require additional wires to operate properly, leading gamers to believe that they need to purchase a new controller when their current one breaks or needs repairs. Most online gaming stores have customer service, which allows users to get help from knowledgeable staff members before making any purchases. When buying a gaming system, make sure to check out all of the cords, wires, and safety settings included in the box.

As mentioned above, it is important for gaming systems to have proper cords and safety settings to ensure that they are as entertaining as possible. However, most new releases do not have these features available, meaning that gamers have to learn to use an Xbox 360’s controller or the PlayStation 3’s buttons and stick to get the best gaming experience possible. This can take a lot of time, as most gamers have busy lives that they need to get the most enjoyment out of before going to bed. Fortunately, there are online guides that can be used to learn how to use these gaming consoles and controller models. After learning how to use these consoles, players will enjoy the time that they spend playing games and improving their skills in their preferred genres. These guides will also show off the various gaming options available for players, such as multiplayer gaming and work-out routines for their characters.

Some online casinos offer free gaming offers to entice new players to sign up and participate in their tournaments and games. These offers, however, may not always give players everything that they were looking for when choosing a gaming site. Some casinos will place a hidden fee or a percentage of the entry fee onto the credit cards that are used to make gaming transactions at their casino. Some online casinos will also charge players extra for extra cards or other accessories that are necessary to play certain card games. Players will need to research all of the charges that are associated with their chosen gaming site before participating in any tournaments and play games to get as much money as possible back from these fees.