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How Video Gaming Leads to Everyday Lives

What exactly is gaming? Gaming can be defined as the action of playing games, also known as “interactive computer games”. A computer game or video game is an interactive electronic game which entails interaction with a user interface (handheld controller, mouse, keyboard, or any other motion sensitive device) or digital input device for personal interaction with a character or game environment. Computer games are popular worldwide, and gaming devices such as personal computers, portable computers and video game consoles have dramatically increased the popularity of gaming. Some of the more popular games on the market include:


World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game in which players control various characters through world maps and engage in combat against other players. Playing a World of War craft character will grant the player a magical sword, shield, robe, and an ability called “Blizzard Strike” that deal damage in a variety of ways and has a devastating attack that can cause the enemy to explode in an assortment of different ways. The player can also purchase new weapons, armor, and skills through the in-game money shop. The game can be played for free through an internet browser but most online WOW players prefer to play using a game console that can provide high-quality graphics and sound effects at a relatively low cost.

Portal. Portal is a hand-drawn video game developed by the game design company Valve Corporation and published by the game developer Valve Corporation. The protagonist in the game is a young girl who uses a device called a portal to jump between portals to reach the chambers containing the legendary artifacts that are required to open the portals and escape the dark rooms where the evil creatures reside. The heroine uses her wands to “push” portals that are opened by clicking on them, and her weapon to “shoot” at invading creatures that attempt to enter the portals.

Left 4 Dead. This is a zombie-based video game. In this game, a group of survivors must survive in a Zombie City made out of a devastated world after it was invaded by the zombies. The survivors must help each other to fight off the zombies and use various weapons to kill them. Shooting is also a key component of the game as many of the zombies are shot and killed through the air by the player using a variety of weapons such as the shotgun and machine gun.

Playstations such as Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and PlayStation 3 each have their own form of entertainment and the gaming experience can vary greatly depending on the system. Often a person will find themselves playing one type of game and becoming bored with it quickly, leaving them without a game to play. Enter the game console. Most video game consoles include many different types of gaming options. The player can choose from racing games, first person shooters, and real time strategy games that can all be very engaging.

With a variety of gaming options available, a person can find themselves enjoying video gaming on a regular basis, and they can keep changing their gaming devices to find the gaming experience that they enjoy the most. Whether they enjoy the television, the computer, or both, video gaming will continue to be a successful industry so long as gaming devices remain affordable. Without the gaming console and other gaming options becoming more affordable, the gaming industry will not only grow, but it will continue to impact society as a whole.