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The Beauty Of The Runway


The Beauty Of The Runway

The term “beauty” can be used in two different contexts. It can be used in a literal sense, which would mean “having great beauty.” It can also be used in a more metaphoric sense, meaning beauty as an attitude or mental attitude. The former usage is more common than the latter, but both are valuable ways of viewing beauty.

Beauty is often defined as a subjective feature of specific objects, which makes those objects beautiful to perceive. These objects might include sunsets, landscapes, works of art and humans. Beauty, along with personal taste and aesthetics, is probably the most significant part of aesthetics, at least one of the biggest branches of applied philosophy. We all have a certain degree of “natural beauty” within us, regardless of race, gender and creed.

Most people define beauty in different ways. Some look at beauty from the standpoint of intellect, others through talent and intuition. Poets, artists and other creative people often view beauty as a form of emotion, while the public eye often only sees beauty on the surface. Fashion magazines, television programs and social media users often focus on the public’s appreciation of beauty. With social media, we’re introduced to new models of beauty that we meet and interact with on a daily basis, sometimes via the media.

Social media outlets, such as Facebook, allow us to follow celebrities’ pregnancies and their subsequent outfits and comments about them. We can also follow their beauty rituals on the runway, such as lip treatments and hair cuts. We get to see the latest trends in beauty products and how some make us look “ripped” or “glamorous.” It seems as if every woman is trying to be “just like them” on the runway – or trying to be apart of that perfect trend, whatever that might be.

Aesthetics play into our everyday lives. How we dress reflects our culture and our values. It’s impossible to escape the aesthetics of fashion, whether it be on the runway, in our homes or in our work. Fashion continues to influence our decisions about beauty. Whether we believe that beauty is inherent and something that can’t be changed, or we choose to accept the aesthetics of our culture and the changes that happen everyday in the world, we’ll always hold an aesthetic of beauty close to our hearts.

Fashion is all about perception. It’s up to us to interpret and describe that interpretation in our own unique way. While many might argue that some styles are more timeless than others, it seems as if there are always new looks, new trends and new variations on old concepts. What will we do when thewashed, airbrushed and slim thick is no longer a valid model of beauty? The answers will be harder to come, but as women, we should never be afraid to embrace our inner beauty, even if it’s a departure from the traditional. We have the ability, through fashion and our own personal style, to find beauty in places where it has been hidden and appreciated for too long.