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Gaming, Arcade Gaming, and the Future


Gaming, Arcade Gaming, and the Future

In recent years, computer games have become the focus of intense media coverage and critical attention from both media professionals and laymen alike. Video games have been criticized for their violence and sexuality; however, these issues pale in comparison to the growing importance of video games as tools of social expression. As a social activity, video games are rapidly replacing traditional forms of entertainment such as watching television or going to the movies. In fact, more people are spending time playing video games than exercising, watching live television, listening to music CDs, or even playing hand-held video game consoles such as the Nintendo Wii. These trends are not set to change any time soon.

Until recently, the development of specialized computer hardware and software products such as “ODDs” or “CDs” was required in order to play some video games. Today, however, most online gaming involves “playing” video games on personal computers using consoles such as Xbox, Play Station, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation, and PC Engine. These consoles can either be purchased by individuals or companies as special editions. In addition, they can also be bought as downloadable content for a monthly fee or rented in some cases.

The most popular form of gaming now is multiplayer online shooting or otherwise known as “FPS” (first person shooter) video game. FPS games are highly competitive, requiring advanced skills and quick reflexes. The most well-known and well-known FPS games are Counter-Strike, DOTA, and Team Fortress 2. Other popular titles include Day of Defeat, Star Wars Galactica, and Red Orchestra: Forged with Fire.

The popularity of modern FPS games has created a new segment of the video gaming market known as “LAN Parties.” LAN parties are parties wherein one or more people play different popular first person shooters at the same time over a network or Internet connection. For example, the “LAN Party” phenomenon refers to parties in which people play Counter-Strike at home rather than at a LAN party rented by another group. In addition, a popular type of LAN Party is a “Rocket League” style party. In this event, players fire at each other using hand held or mounted guns in what is referred to as a Rocket League match. Many times, these games are friendly matches played among friends who enjoy the game.

One of the most innovative and exciting forms of entertainment currently available is online games. Online gaming is increasing in popularity as more people find a new outlet for interacting with others while at work, school, or on the road. Currently, there are numerous websites that allow one to play free online games. Many of the most popular games are simulations of war battles, racing games, and puzzle games. A popular multiplayer game that has become quite popular is chess, with over 6 billion chess games played around the world. One main article on this subject written by a leading author and expert on military strategy, Gordon Gekko states, “To be a good commander, you have to be a good fighter, a good planner, an expert at deception and manipulation, and an excellent tactical planner.”

Today, a variety of devices such as cell phones, computers, gaming consoles, and the internet provide individuals with the means to engage in virtually any type of gaming activity. However, when it comes to playing an arcade gaming experience, the PC is still king. Many individuals still enjoy playing classic arcade games on their favorite console systems such as the Atari, Nintendo, PlayStation, and Sega. When looking for a place to enjoy some old-school gaming, a person should definitely consider local shops in his or her neighborhood, as well as on the World Wide Web. Some websites offer free download demos of upcoming video games.