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What Is Good Health?

Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is a condition that “is neither disease nor death.” A number of definitions have also been applied for various purposes over the years. One of the most common definitions is that which states, “Health is wealth.” According to this belief, those who are healthy are wealthy. Conversely, those who are unhealthy are also poor.


Another common definition is that of the healthy life style or good health. According to this definition, a person with good health is capable of leading a normal and healthy lifestyle, with no major illnesses or diseases, at least in his or her youth. On the other hand, when a person develops a disease or remains with a disease, this definition shifts to the extreme end of the spectrum. This extreme definition of health involves the lack of good health and, as such, is a form of morbidity.

The definition of “good health” has several components. Good health is defined as having a state of psychological and physical well being. In addition, good health is equated with a sound mind. Additionally, good health is considered to be free from disability and with freedom to make choices. A person with good health may be involved in the following definitions: capable of making decisions; capable of enjoyment of life; capable of accomplishing tasks; able to adapt to changes; in terms of age, physically mature; mentally developed; and having a balance between work and other personal affairs. It should be noted that good health should be achieved and maintained throughout one’s life.

The third definition, the absence of disease or infirmity, is often considered the ultimate definition. It involves the idea that the absence of any medical or other condition does not necessarily indicate a healthy condition. In other words, one with no disease or illness would still be considered to be healthy. This is the only definition that differs from the first two in the way it is associated with mental health.

The presence of any condition or ailment does not necessarily mean that a person is healthy. A person can still be deemed to be healthy by the standards of public health. By helping to improve the quality of life through healthy means, public health helps to influence health care practices. Many people do not realize that their social behaviors can have an impact on the quality of life. A change in societal norms can help to reduce the health disparities that exist among racial groups, socioeconomic statuses and geographic regions.

No definition of good health can offer a definitive solution to the problem of disease, but it can lay the foundation for developing a better system for the prevention, treatment, and cure of various diseases. A healthy definition can serve as a foundation for encouraging health care professionals to offer quality services. By offering a definition of “good health,” these professionals will be able to provide information on the different signs and symptoms of different diseases and their treatments. Without such information, a person might hesitate to seek medical attention and might not receive the treatment he or she needs.