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The Gentle Way Of Playing Computer Games


The Gentle Way Of Playing Computer Games

There are various types of games with various types of equipment used in them. For instance, in computer games, individuals often employ their keyboard or controllers to manipulate what’s on a computer screen, including televisions, computer monitors and even ones as well. In card games, individuals use playing cards as if they were points. There are many different types of computer games available on the market today. They range from simple word Processing games up to complex strategy games that pit players against each other in battles for supremacy of virtual spaces.

Video game consoles also fall into this genre of games. These include both home consoles such as Play stations, Nintendo Wii and Xbox as well as PC video games such as World of Warcraft and Eve Online. Even more sophisticated gaming systems such as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 have managed to develop incredible graphics.

With computer games specifically, individuals are engaging in a world in which they control virtually every aspect of the game. Players can literally build and develop the plotline of their game, determining who lives and who dies, what weapons are used and so forth. With massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG), players take on the persona of members of a fictional group within a persistent online virtual world. This allows them to take on several characters within a single game and play out their personal narrative.

With video games as well as massively multiplayer online role playing games, individuals are able to escape into another world, where the rules of life and death are absent. As far as the hardware is concerned, it has come a long way over the years. Gaming systems are no longer just based on a standard keyboard and monitor. There are now specialized hardware packages that incorporate speakers, headphones and a touch pad. The ability to adjust the head mounted display as well as the display itself has been revolutionized by the introduction of the mouse. This allows for much more precision when playing games and is particularly important for racing and first person shooter type games.

Computer games are so popular that there are now millions of people playing them worldwide. Chris Crawford, the creator of the board game called Monopoly, was once asked how many people played the game. He responded with over one billion, and while this may not seem like a lot, when you consider that this was an interactive entertainment that involved real money and required people to be logged onto the internet, this figure grows quickly. Today, Chris Crawford is worth over $1.5 million, not due to his success in the board game, but because of the popularity of computer games.

So, why are so many adults playing computer games? It seems that the younger generation is turning away from technology and embracing the more intuitive and gentile forms of play. Children who once played video games on the television with their parents now want to do the same with video games. Adults who were afraid to admit that they loved gaming when they were children are now embracing it wholeheartedly. This article only scratches the surface of how gentile computer games have become, as more adults are discovering the pleasures of playing video games with their friends and family.