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North Korea And The Khmer Rouge

North Korea and the Khmer Rouge? What was the relationship, if any, and how important was it to both sides?

There are many different angles to take when looking at the relationship between the Khmer Rouge and the  (the official name of North Korea). Most of them need to be looked at through the broader prism of overall Cambodia/North Korean relations. The most important part of this being the the friendship of Kim Il Sung and King Sihanouk.

The friendship of Kim Il Sung and King Sihanouk

Diplomatic recognition between both countries was made on December 28th 1964. The initial recognition can be traced to both sides position in the world at the time. Cambodia was trying to stay out of the Vietnam conflict, whilst North Korea was trying to read an independent path through the Sino-Soviet split. North Korea were also trying to foster ties in the developing world, as well as the burgeoning Non-Aligned movement.

Kim Il-Sung and Sihanouk initially met in 1965 in Jakarta at a forum which later morph into the . They apparently got on very well and quickly became friends. Thus both as paramount leaders of their countries meant the nations became allies of sorts.

The coup of 1970

The CIA sponsored coup of 1970 was to prove the catalyst for the eventual victory of the Khmer Rouge. This was due to a number of factors, but primarily the unholy alliance between Sihanouk and the Khmer Rouge. The lesser known  had recently defected to the government (again with suspicion of CIA involvement). In theory they would have made a far more natural ally to Royalist that an extreme left-wing organization, which begs the question of why?

Why did Sihanouk ally with the Khmer Rouge?

Sihanouk was friends with not only Kim Il Sung, but also Chairman Mao. The was essentially a Maoist party aligned with the PRC. Ideologically China supported the Khmer Rouge, but they also wanted to counter Vietnamese influence. It was therefore much more pragmatism that initially led to the partnership. This was pragmatism both from the sides of Sihanouk and China. And it was not without precedence, as was seen with the 3 princes of.

Where did North Korea fit into all this?

North Korea, much like China and other Eastern Bloc countries did not recognize the Lon Nol regime, instead recognizing the largely China based GRUNK. Whilst Sihanouk spent most of his time in Beijing, he lived in Pyongyang for some of it. Politically North Korea supported both Sihanouk and the Khmer Rouge.

Democratic Kampuchea

Initially Sihanouk was the head of state of the new Democratic Kampuchea, although with zero actual power. This led to his resignation. There are minutes from a meeting of the Standing Committee where executing Sihanouk was contemplated. It is without doubt that his friendship with both China and North Korea is what kept him alive, although under house arrest. Was to take over as the head of state of the country.

China and North Korea were also some of the handful of nations to maintain diplomatic relations with Democratic Kampuchea, with Romania being the only other Soviet aligned state to do so.

During this time North Korea issued at least one (known) statement congratulating the Communist Party of Kampuchea for ridding the country of counter revolutionaries.

North Korea and the Khmer Rouge after Democratic Kampuchea

Following the brief Cambodia-Vietnam  the Khmer Rouge were overthrown. This created a very interesting situation. During the Sino-Soviet split communist countries, with the exception of Yugoslavia were essentially forced to take sides. In many respects North Korea leaned more towards the Soviet Union (its chief financial backer), but in essence trod a very difficult fine line between the two countries. Much like Yugoslavia and to a lesser extent Romania, North Korea forged its own socialist path.

The Soviet Union supported the new Peoples Republic of Kampuchea, whilst the Chinese (and the west) recognized the Khmer Rouge and “Democratic Kampuchea” as the legitimate government of Cambodia.

North Korea went against the Soviet line and supported the Khmer Rouge, technically. In reality though it was Sihanouk who they supported from a moral point of view rather than the Khmer Rouge for ideological reasons.

Kim Il-Sung actually said the following;

“our Communism is not honourable unless it supports the patriots like Sihanouk, who struggle for the independence of their country and his people’s freedom. Communism would lose much of its value if it did not respect the patriotism and ideals of independence and freedom of others”.

Kim Il-Sung on alliance with Sihanouk

Thus the strange situation of a communist leader again favoring a ruling monarch over an actual communist and Soviet aligned government. Therefore when the Coalition Government of Democratic Kampuchea was established , North Korea supported it, and not only North Korea, but the USA. Perhaps one of the only times North Korea and the USA have been , even if it was by default.

US policy was essentially that they could not publicly support the Khmer Rouge, but China and the DPRK could. Whilst China was the chief financial backer, the DPRK among other supplied military and logistical support.

Sihanouk and Pyongyang

Whilst Sihanouk was president of the government in exile, he spent little time in Khmer Rouge controlled areas. He primarily lived in Beijing, but was known to have a villa in Pyongyang, where he frequently spent time as a guest of the DPRK. In 1974, the North Korean leader built the villa in the Jang Su Won hills north of the capital, and only a few miles beyond Mr. Kim’s own headquarters. In the early days Sihanouk was known to spend at least a few months per year in Pyongyang, and he was a frequent visitor still under his death.

The friendship ran so deep that up until his death Sihanouk was protected by an team of elite North Korean bodyguards. The friendship between Kim Il-Sung and King Sihanouk was therefore very real. North Korea were not supporting the Khmer Rouge for ideological reasons, they were supporting Sihanouk in his bid to return to power.

The end of North Korean support for the Khmer Rouge

In 1993 peace was restored to Cambodia, with Sihanouk becoming King of the newly established constitutional monarchy. The Khmer Rouge were to continue the fight under the newly unrecognized Provisional Government of National Union and National Salvation of Cambodia .

North Korea ended any support for the Khmer Rouge and were to foster closer ties with the Kingdom, both economic and cultural. Even when North Korea was being sanctioned, Cambodia remained an ally of sorts, at least until the death of Sihanouk.

North Korea and the Khmer Rouge in conclusion

North Korea undoubtedly supported the Khmer Rouge, but in reality it was secondary to their support of Sihanouk, support born through friendship. A friendship best summed up by a quote from Sihanouk’s autobiography regarding Kim Il Sung;

“my surest and most sincere friend and the most steadfast in my support. Even more than a friend: a true brother and my only ‘true relative’ after the death of my mother.”

Therefore when it comes to North Korea and the Khmer Rouge it makes for rather an interesting story. North Korea often gets painted as a pariah state, yet it is without question that compared with both the USA and China, North Korea played a much more honorable role during this terrible period of Cambodian history.

What Are the definitions of Wellness?

Health is an emotional state of mind where illness and infirmity are either absent or minimal. Various definitions have been used for many different purposes over the years. One definition that comes to mind is the quality of life you experience, the general health and the overall health of yourself and others. The definition also includes aspects such as freedom, the capacity to work, the capacity to enjoy life and one’s capacity to manage one’s own affairs and the ability to accept assistance. Health can be affected by various environmental, social and personal factors. Mental health has many components and is usually influenced by genetics and experiences.


The definition also includes the strength of the immune system. This is essential to fight against infectious disease. In order for diseases to be present there must be a host (the organism carrying the disease) and an infection (the agent causing the disease). The absence of both weakens the ability of the immune system to fight the disease.

A third definition is something that you cannot have. It is an inherited characteristic or gene that cannot be changed. It is usually affected by your environment but it can also be affected by your genes and your risk factors. Risk factors are those things that increase the risk of developing certain diseases. These include, obesity, gender, age, nutrition, family history and smoking habits.

The fourth definition is called communicable diseases. This is an illness transmitted through contact. This includes the following: blood, breast milk, skin, nasal secretions, mouth, sexual intercourse and others. It is also influenced by your physical attributes and other genetic factors. For instance, a person who has red hair may be more prone to develop communicable diseases of the lung.

The fifth definition is the self-rating health. The state of your physical well-being as determined by your previous evaluations. This measure assesses how well you perceive your health using your own answers to questions regarding your health. It can be influenced by your expectations and beliefs about yourself and your health. Your self-rating can reflect your current state of mental health, such as if you are happy or sad, anxious or scared, tired or energetic, and in poor or good health.

Your level of well-being can be influenced by your risk factors for disease. The presence of these risk factors can weaken your immune system and weaken the effectivity of your healing. These can include age, gender, race, ethnicity, physical health, and illness type. It can also be affected by the quality of your life: how you think, feel, talk and eat.

Does Anyone Still Support the Khmer Rouge?

Even in the most ardent of ultra-left-wing circles, you will be hard-pressed to find someone willing to fight the corner of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. Hitler, Stalin, hell even Enver Hoxha still have their adherents, but when it comes to the Killing Fields, they appear one step too far even for apologists.

But, the internets a fucking weird place and people are a weird old bunch, so we went exploring to see if there were any Nuevo Khmer Rouge out there.

We were not to be disappointed! While there were no stand out groups like the , we were happy to see at least some loons out there.

A slightly weird YouTube channel that tries to rehabilitate the Khmer Rouge regime through a number of videos. The main problem with these guys is that it is almost impossible to tell if they are being serious, or not.

Maoist Rebel News

Jason Unruhe is the host of Maoist Rebel News and has even been used as a. He has released a saying that the Khmer Rouge weren’t that bad, but I’d balk before calling him a dyed in the Pol Potter.

Noam Chomsky

Famous left-wing intellectual Noam Chomsky has notoriously written a lot about how Pol Pot wasn’t all that bad and to give him his credit he’s been saying it for over 40 years. According to him, not only were the killings a fabrication, but the increase in the population of Cambodia actually proves this. You can read his statementz. Many die-hard Chomsky followers have repeated similar things whilst quoting him, but with limited effect on the planet as a whole.

The Khmer Rouge

Finally last, but least the Khmer Rouge themselves. Whilst officially disbanded in 1998 in actuality, the remnants of the Khmer Rouge were given and Pailin “provinces” as their playthings. Nowadays, both are populated by Khmer Rouge leaders and their descendants. Anlong Veng, in particular is populated by families of the last leaders of the Khmer Rouge as well as plaques and tourist sites linked to the former regime. In some ways, it feels almost as if they never left!


It is amazing how the US has recreated history over its relations with the Khmer Rouge, but that is exactly what they have done. On the face of things, they have supported the war crimes tribunal, but in effect have been denying there long association with the Khmer Rouge as part of their cold war battle with the USSR and Vietnam. If you need a contemporary comparison, look at the “moderate opposition” in Syria. Even China has since said sorry….

And those are the current supporters of the Khmer Rouge in 2020, they might be few, but they are still important when it comes to understanding the legacy of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

Most importantly, they paint a very interesting picture when looking at modern politics and our interventions in other countries.

Beauty in Contemporary Society

Beauty is widely defined as the aesthetic quality of particular objects, which makes these objects enjoyable to see. Such objects may include sunsets, landscapes, beautiful humans and unique works of art. Beauty, with art and beauty, is probably the most important theme of aesthetics, among the various branches of contemporary philosophy. It is the one thing that all the other branches share as a commonality.


The twentieth century has seen an immense development in the study of beauty. A variety of emotions have found expression in its manifestation: desire, identification, guilt, and so on. Modernity has seen the establishment of several national identities through a proliferation of national and local museums; aesthetic beauty has also played a key role in the creation of national identity a popular Romantic idealism. The twentieth century has also seen the rise of several nationalisms, most significantly, a tendency towards homogenous national states in Europe and the United States, the desire for assimilation and, in the case of the US, the creation of an African-American ethnic group, Aussies, that were often perceived as having a more traditional cultural heritage.

In the 20th century, the search for beauty has found new shores and taken to shore too, in the form of abstract art and surrealism. It is the first wave of an aesthetic movement that would redefine beauty in the twentieth century, entire painting canvases without reference to anything real. The movement would ultimately define the meaning of beauty in the modern age.

One of the foremost philosophers of his time, Immanuel Kant is credited with the term ‘value’ or ‘worth’ as the fundamental concept of beauty. He is said to have rejected the subjective idea of beauty altogether. Beauty, according to Kant, is determined only by the human eye, and not by any external standards or criteria. Others follow in his footsteps, and opine that beauty is something distinct and individual to a person, and that there is no universal standard for beauty. The two views differ fundamentally on the nature of value.

In a related view, value may be defined as the sum of satisfaction of satisfying human wants. According to this concept beauty is objective in nature, independent of humans and therefore not dependent on the culture and societal context in which it finds itself. On this view, beauty is timeless and independent of personal points of view. This approach, however, remains controversial and is currently not generally accepted within the art world.

With time and certain key artistic breakthroughs, the definition of beauty has evolved notably. Modern art, for instance, has tended to depict bodily and emotional elements more prominently, and has sought to capture the viewer’s attention and interest through images and the works that are both inventive and disturbing. This approach, common in conceptual art, lends a contemporary flavor to beauty and allows it to appear on various surfaces and in various sizes.

The Space Invaders Craze


The Space Invaders Craze

Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. It is often confused with computer gaming, but the two are very different. Computer gaming is the interactive use of a computer or digital device to play computer games. A video game is merely an electronic game which involves interaction with an external user interface or device through the use of a keyboard, mouse, gamepad, or other motion sensitive device to produce visual feedback to the user.

The video games market has expanded to the extent that it now has a strong online community and active international marketplace. With millions of people playing video games worldwide, it is not surprising to see a flourishing online gaming community with forums, chat rooms and newsgroups devoted to gaming. Many hardcore gamers find online gaming to be a particularly thrilling recreational activity. In fact, some gamers consider online gaming to be an addictive activity. Such people often participate in organized gaming events like tournaments and leagues.

For hardcore gamers, these events provide the opportunity to hone their skills by competing against other hardcore gamers from around the world. Those who don’t participate in competitive gaming activities may not be familiar with the term “competitive gaming.” In simple terms, a hardcore gamer is one who engages in competitive gaming for the purpose of obtaining personal satisfaction by overcoming other players. Most online multiplayer video games involve the use of computers in order to facilitate the interaction between various players. A hardcore gamer will therefore need a good computer system in order to play a competitive game.

Console gaming, on the other hand, refers to the use of specialized game consoles like Play Station, Nintendo Wii, Xbox and so on. Console gaming has become popular among younger generations. Younger gamers especially prefer to use consoles because they provide the ability to customize their game play experience based on the type of game they want to play. Consoles, on the other hand, are designed for use by older gamers who want to have a more classic video games feel.

The past generations did not have much involvement with gaming. This is because gaming is a relatively new concept. People did not have much knowledge about video games when the first gaming console was introduced onto the market. Fortunately, the video games industry has evolved so that younger gamers can enjoy better quality games. Console gaming can become addicting once you start playing.

Today, there is a whole new generation of hardcore gamers that enjoy playing multiplayer video games over the Internet. These individuals often participate in online multiplayer action with other people from around the world. They may be hardcore gamers, too, but their ultimate goal is usually to have fun. This is why many of them are attracted to the online multiplayer gaming scene. The space invaders genre of gaming provides a great outlet for this type of gaming.

Two Fun Facts About Video Game genres

The games of war are very different from the games you and I may play. A game is typically a structured, logical type of play, usually undertake for fun or entertainment, and occasionally used as an educational instrument. Games are very different from work, that is usually done for remuneration; and from literature, which is primarily an expressive expression of literary or aesthetic ideas. The games of war I’m referring to are the ones that have military connotations. They involve some element of skill – they are very good games, but they also require the use of strategic thinking skills.

There are many different types of game mechanics, with different types of features and themes, but essentially, they all involve some kind of strategic thinking about the way you manage your character, your abilities, your weapons, your map, your economy, etc. Most video games contain a multiplayer mode, where you can either play single player, or against the computer. These games are highly competitive, so you need to be good at managing your time, your budget, your skills, and your opponents. This is not the kind of game where luck can change everything! You need to have a plan.

Another thing you need to know about strategy games is that they use a great deal of memory, both to describe the real world and to manipulate elements in the simulation games. If you have ever played backgammon, then you probably understand the significance of this. In fact, backgammon is one of the best tools we have for simulating the environment around us. We can create entire economies based on the actions of our players, in order to see what would happen if we followed their strategies in the real world, and take our own turns.

Computer games, on the other hand, are much more leisurely. They usually don’t need to maintain a very detailed world, as long as the simulation games themselves are fun and interesting. Many of the best puzzle games, such as Sudoku and Tetris, are very leisurely, requiring only a few hours of active play. You might spend many hours enjoying these puzzle games, instead of trying to win prizes or accumulate levels and reach the goal of completing the game. Most people enjoy playing idle games, as well. Many of them don’t even require very complicated strategy knowledge.

As you can see, there are a lot of differences between the two genres of video games. Although they do share some common elements, they have their own individual identities. The adventure games typically involve solving puzzles or fighting monsters. In turn-based RPGs, players control a character and make choices about their character’s growth. Some of the most popular genres belong to the text-based genre. These include Abalone and Solitaire.

There is one fun fact about adventure games: they are constantly being updated and re-released. The genre has a strong following among casual gamers, since they are often short and simple to pick up and play. For example, the newer editions of Solitaire now incorporate online play. You can play with other players from around the world!

Understanding The Definition Of Health Promotion

Health is a condition where disease and infirmity are either absent or the threat of getting afflicted is minimal. A number of definitions have been applied to health over the years. One school of thought in medical circles is that health is the sum of the three aspects of body, mind and spirit. With the advent of modern technology and the industrial revolution, people have found more reasons to adopt this view.


This definition of good health is most often associated with those diseases and conditions that are perceived to be fatal to an individual. Hence, it includes death and terminal illness. This definition excludes common diseases like the cold, cough and influenza that are usually prevalent in any community. It also omits other common illnesses like arthritis, tuberculosis, skin disorders and birth defects which affect a large section of the population.

The third definition of health maintains that health is the absence of disease. It does not define what the disease looks like or how it feels. In simple terms, this is equivalent to saying that health is the absence of anything which may cause harm to the body. It further goes on to state that a healthy individual is one who does not suffer from pain and discomfort. This is almost a definition of death, since there is no pain or discomfort associated with it.

Wellness has recently gained wider recognition as a concept which is associated with the concepts of personal responsibility and the environment. It has also come into vogue as a potential approach to understanding the causation and prevention of common diseases like cardiovascular disease, hypertension and obesity. Research indicates that those who are surrounded by unhealthy people and high stress environments are at a higher risk of getting sick and getting affected by sicknesses. Moreover, the lack of social connections and poor nutritional intake of foods rich in fat, sugar and salt, and the lack of exercise lead to a sedentary lifestyle which is conducive for disease and poor well-being.

A better understanding of what public health services is necessary to address the increasing numbers of diseases affecting the population, has helped to promote the concept of wellness beyond the health care industry. The increased interest in the public health sphere has led to the promotion of preventative measures. These include but are not limited to, measures to address the causes of disease, the teaching of good nutrition and the introduction of improved lifestyles. In addition, there are employment development services, educational programs on healthy living, and programs aimed at addressing workplace violence against personnel.

The definition of health promotion has changed the way people think about their own health and their relation to the environment. It encourages individuals to lead a healthy lifestyle and to take responsibility for their health. It also encourages individuals to be active in public programs that promote healthy living. By promoting a positive concept of health and illness, it makes it easier for individuals to get together and work towards finding a cure for every type of disease. The definition of health promotion has changed the way people think about their own health and has encouraged them to take responsibility for their own health.

A Guide to Dazed Beauty in the Fashion Industry

Beauty is often defined as a physical trait that makes objects pleasant to see. These objects could be landscapes, sunsets, beautiful humans, and other artistic works. Beauty, along with beauty, is often the topic of aesthetics, one of those major branches of science. The word ‘beauty’ is from Greek and refers to the allure that a beautiful object or scene can have for the viewers.

Many people think that beauty is a subjective matter something that you either like or dislike. However, this is not true, because beauty has been found to exist in the natural world through many different types of aesthetic experiences. In fact, some types of aesthetic experiences are part of a very complex system of scientific study known as dazed beauty.

Dazed beauty refers to an aesthetic experience wherein an individual’s sensory responses are so overwhelming that it defies rational thought. For example, when looking at a beautiful sunset, people’s responses are usually filled with a variety of emotions that are often confused for a reaction to beauty. However, the most common reaction seen among aesthetic viewers on the beach are feelings of amazement and disbelief. Some designers have found this to be a highly desirable quality in a runway walker or model, as it leaves people feeling impressed and disinterested in their own experiences and thoughts.

Designers who are interested in creating this type of aesthetic need to create runway shows that are highly charged and emotional. They need to use emotions in order to make their fashion exhibits interesting and intriguing. This allows the designer to have a stronger focus on designing runway pieces that will grab the attention of their audience. After all, we all want to be involved in an exhibition that leaves us intrigued, mystified, and quite happy about the outcome.

In recent years, there has been a realignment of priorities when it comes to the definition of beauty. The visual appeal of women in the fashion industry has largely been categorized according to how young or old they appear on the runway. In fact, some designers have actually started to place as much importance into the aesthetics of older models as they do into the beauty of younger models. As you can see, the definition of beauty in the fashion industry has been quite fluid over the last few years, and trends are constantly evolving.

As the definition of beauty continues to evolve, many designers are finding new ways to express themselves through their clothing and fashion. Some designers have even created Instagram accounts for themselves, in order to create a way for the public to connect with them through the beauty that they present. Dazed beauty, while not the only definition of beauty, is certainly one of its main forms. If you would like to express yourself and create a brand for your clothing designs, Instagram is an excellent place to do so.

The Impact of Gaming on Society


The Impact of Gaming on Society

For many people, playing computer games is considered an important hobby. People who play computer games spend a lot of time and effort in developing their skills and strategies in order to beat the game. This may consist of playing against another player, a player with a different skill level, or even a computer generated character that tries to win the game for you. The point is, you are testing your ability to plan ahead, adapt to difficult situations, and strategize. Many people do this all day every day, and some have become very good at it.

There are many advantages to playing computer games, and one of them is that they are very interactive. A computer game or video game is essentially an interactive virtual experience which involves interaction with an external user interface device including keyboard, mouse, or other motion sensor device to generate visible output to the user. You might be playing a first person shooter or a MMORPG. There are games that are completely narrative with various branching options.

There are many benefits to playing computer games. For instance, there is the aspect of the learning process that gets carried over. As we all know, learning can be a difficult process, but games help us to learn by doing. We play games that challenge us to use our brain in new ways. Some games may even require a good deal of thought and strategy, which can increase a person’s IQ and help them in other aspects of life as well.

There are even games that have real world applications. For example, action games like Call of Duty or World WarCraft, and role-playing games such as Final Fantasy or Tomb Raider also have real world applications in terms of how they enhance certain aspects of a person’s life. This is why it is so popular with teenagers. Teenagers can spend a lot of time improving skills in World of Warcraft and enjoy themselves as they do so.

When people are not playing video games, many people still enjoy them. Video gaming is fun, whether it is sitting down at a computer or on a couch. It can also be very relaxing, and there are many ways to relax while playing. Some people simply turn on some music, and others may read a book. Gaming does not have to involve having to sit down and play a game.

Gaming does not necessarily require the use of expensive gaming hardware. Most games for computers and gaming consoles are very affordable and are very easy to get hold of. This is why they can be enjoyed by almost anyone. This makes gaming more accessible to a wide variety of people and more interesting for a lot of people as well. Gaming provides entertainment and exercise in equal measure for people and can lead to a better understanding of different cultures and communities.

Risk Board Game

A video game is actually something that people often do simply for fun. However, if you are into serious computer programming, then it’s quite different from working on a video game. Many video games are for-profit games, and in these instances, there is plenty of money to be earned. However, there are other types of games with different types of equipment involved. The equipment can range from basic games like Space Invaders to complex ones like Sim City.


Perhaps the most popular computer games are the ones that involve a lot of hands on activity. These include things like Magic: The Gathering and EverQuest. Chris Crawford and his partner, Jordan Weisman created the computer game called Fall of Rome on their third anniversary, and it quickly became one of the best selling board games of all time.

While there are a lot of board games out there, perhaps the most popular of all is Risk. This is a game about managing civilizations against others who want to take over the world. The earliest versions of this game were not too successful, but they were later revamped and massively improved. The first edition of Risk was very different than the one we see today. Back then, all of the players rolled dice and dealt with certain symbols. In the modern version, all of the players are made up of individuals that are connected through a computer interface.

Many of the earliest editions of Risk included the ability to play for real money. Later editions have made playing the game a lot more interesting by allowing players to buy increasing amounts of chips that represent real money. This has lead to a huge resurgence in the popularity of Risk, with new products being released all the time. The reason why board games are so popular stems in large part from the fact that almost anyone can play.

There are literally thousands of games available, so you should never have to settle for anything less than what you really want and need. If you love playing games, then you will love playing Risk. It’s just one of those games that, once you get into it, you will never want to stop playing. The components are fairly inexpensive, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money to get started. This is one of the best reasons to own a game such as this.

If you enjoy playing real life board games, then you will love the style of Risk. This is truly a game of skill, and you can take on the entire board with you. Playing this game with people you care about is an experience that few people ever forget. Risk is one of the best examples of how board games can be both fun and real life. If you enjoy playing games that are not based on any real life event, then you will definitely want to give this one a try.