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A Little Bit About Beauty


A Little Bit About Beauty

Beauty is frequently defined as a subjective quality of objects which makes these objects enjoyable to perceive. Such objects can be landscapes, sunsets, beautiful humans, beautiful works of art and other artistic creations. Beauty, along with aestheticism, is the key field of aesthetics, one of the most important branches of philosophy. philosophers in ancient times all had a similar opinion about beauty; they all had an affinity with beauty. They also had a common view that reason and passion belong to the class of things that are to be appreciated by all men.

In the twentieth century philosophers have lost the ability to define beauty completely. There is a wide variety of definitions according to different philosophers, however most of them agree on the fact that beauty is something that appeals to all human senses. Beauty exists independent of personal preference and it cannot be defined, for it is a subjective quality, an inner sense. It is like the beauty of a flower in the garden, the beauty of the sunrise on a cold morning, the beauty of water running down a stream… it is something that appeals to all the senses. A subjective beauty, that is to say something that appeals to all human senses, has a distinct advantage over objective beauty.

Aesthetics has been related to art since the time of the ancient Greeks. The Ancient Greeks used many terms to describe the visual arts and beauty – many times the same term was used to describe art itself. These terms for beauty included aesthetic beauty, thanos (taste) beauty, kalopia (view) beauty, media (color) beauty and logos (a form of representation). Aesthetic beauty became closely associated with Greek art, especially painters such as painters like Aristotle.

Later the Romanticists gave a new and more exact term to describe this abstract beauty: beauty – or the aesthetic. However, by this time the aesthetic had lost its individualistic qualities and was largely confined to a single domain, the art of painting. Modernism on the other hand, rejected the idea of beauty entirely and sought instead to make art and beauty ‘comparatively equal’ rather than ‘identical’. In this modern world beauty is largely determined by the culture in which it is found.

The word beauty itself comes from the Greek word ‘gift’, which means something that one creates for oneself. In this sense beauty is defined as the end product of one’s creative efforts. The idea behind the creation of beauty in art is that man can create a beautiful object out of any ordinary thing. The idea of beauty – art – has become closely associated with the culture of each and every civilization.

The concept of beauty in art dates back to the very beginnings of human civilization. It is present in all cultures and religions and is most prominent in classical Greece, which is widely considered to be the very beginning of civilization. Aesthetic beauty is closely associated with beauty in all aspects of life and is considered to be the very essence of beauty. This is why we see so many people, even in modern times, looking at so many forms of beauty in nature. Art has played a huge part in the process of evolution, and there is no wonder that it has remained so since the very first moment of its creation.