Types of Computer Games


Types of Computer Games

Games are known as the “interactive” ones and they provide the much needed stimulation to help keep the brains stimulated and alert. They are designed in such a way that the players need not have any prior knowledge about the game in order to enjoy it. All one needs to do is to just sit down with a controller in hand, the two players sit opposite each other and start playing. Games can be of various types and the most common ones are card, board, puzzle and skill based games. These games have been popular since ages and are known to relieve stress, sharpen concentration and improve memory power.

Computer games such as the popular Harry Potter series are very popular among all age groups, from kindergarten kids to teenagers and even adults. The popularity of computer games is attributed to the interactive quality of them, where the gamer gets the feel of actually controlling the characters while trying to achieve a mission. According to research, around eighty percent of Americans own a computer and majority of them play computer games regularly. There has also been an increasing trend of people preferring online board games over conventional ones.

In the context of the above games, we can take reference to a few recent examples. The name of the game is called as Antivision and involves a group of players, divided into two teams, who pass from one turn to another, trying to stop the evil doctor from destroying the world. The object of the game is to eliminate all the dots on the screen, regardless of their color. The player is assisted by a screen which contains a colored grid of dots, each of which represents an element of nature. The objective of the game is to eliminate all the colored dots by making use of various tools such as water, leaves or rocks.

Another popular game is called as Backgammon, in which a player is allowed to play a single game against a computer. This game, unlike Antivision, involves a player controlling only one tile. The player is allowed to move his single tile any distance up or down, according to the layout of the game board. In some games, a backgammon set is required to play. Such sets consist of a board, a pair of marked off tiles, a number of dice and a set of playing chips.

A game known as Chess is another popular game that involves a group of players at a table. The object of the game is for a player to form an alliance to beat another player. A player is only allowed to move his single tile as far as the alliance allows him. There are a number of different versions of chess games that are played across the world.

Computer games are becoming more popular these days. Many children are attracted by them because they do not involve any type of skill. Most computer games require that the player use some type of mouse or keyboard in order to play them. Computer games such as chess are usually played with a game pad that can be used to provide assistance to the player during play. In most cases, computer games are played by teams who take turns attempting to defeat each other. Computer games can also be played single player and are the most popular among all other types of computer games.