Computer Games and Their Structure and Use


Computer Games and Their Structure and Use

Video games have gained enormous popularity in the recent past. The games can be downloaded directly from the internet. These video games are designed in such a way that they help one to relax and at the same time develop hand eye coordination. In this context it can be said that these games can be classified into action and adventure.

Action video games include shooting, fighting, racing, puzzle and much more. On the other hand adventure computer games incorporate various rules in adventure such as those found in the traditional role playing games. Adventure computer games are very popular with children because of their novel rules and therefore are extremely popular.

The rule of common experience is the most basic rule in computer games and that is to gain experience by doing common tasks. For example a common task in an adventure computer game like the Legend of Zelda requires Link to climb the mini-tunnel from the bottom to the top of the mini-tunnel and then to return to the entrance of the tunnel by passing through a series of mini-tunnels. At the same time Link must avoid enemies which appear on the way and eventually reach the goal using weapons such as the sword or shield. Link can also use his coin to deal additional damage to enemies and return to the entrance of the tunnel after being hit. Again, Link has to avoid being hit by a beam which appears while approaching the goal.

Another common rule in computer games is that a computer game is a system in which players engage in an artificial conflict, defined by rules, that results in a measurable outcome. The players can manipulate the output of the conflict using a variety of sophisticated devices that allow them to alter the outcome of the conflict. For example, if a player is hit by an enemy and is subsequently unable to return to the entrance of the tunnel to re-fight the enemy, the player can adjust the exit controls to cause the characters to fall through the holes created by the enemy’s hit. Similarly, players can manipulate the game environment to make it difficult or impossible for the opponents to locate and attack vulnerable areas of the playing field and so on.

Computer games can be played according to the rules of serious games such as war games, but they can also be played according to simple rules. A war game, for example, may be played according to fixed parameters such as the amount of military forces available to each side, the range of military units available to each side and the speed of each side’s military units. The player may manipulate these parameters to determine the outcome of the battle. In a real world battle, the same factors would have to be considered, but using computer technology, the level of detail necessary can be greatly increased.

The computer game ” Solitaire “is a basic form of the game played on a single board. In solitaire games, players use a pair of cards comprising a suit, to eliminate all the tiles by matching them together, from among their set of cards. These tiles are shown to be colored or unseen, depending on the particular game rules. Computer games that involve the use of solitaire rules can also be played with a deck of cards containing different suits and no other specialized cards, making the game much more versatile.