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What Does Beauty Mean to You?

Beauty is commonly defined as a subjective aspect of physical objects that makes those objects enjoyable to see. These objects, including humans, landscapes and art, are considered to be beauty. Beauty, along with aesthetic sense, is the most important topic of aesthetics, among the various branches of applied philosophy. Aesthetics usually compare to psychology; however, the two cannot be directly compared since aesthetics are often regarded as an aesthetic study while psychology deals more with understanding human behavior. Similarity of psychology and aesthetics can also be noticed in the classification of sciences, particularly biology.


Beauty is often measured with different standards according to culture, nationality, ethnicity, race, sex, and/or age. The beauty standard in the popular culture usually depends on beauty standards in the society. For instance, beautiful women in the United States or Europe are likely to have voluptuous physiques, with good complexions and are considered as attractive. On the other hand, beautiful men are usually studded with masculine features such as chiseled jaw line and big muscles.

Aesthetics also includes the study of beauty in the arab world. In the arab world, beauty is seen in distinct forms depending on the cultural, ethnic and social situation. Women are generally more beauty conscious than men, while men are more beauty conscious than women. This has been noticed from the times when the arab women were dressed in long, loose clothing to show off their attractive faces and heavy makeup. While in the western culture women are more attracted towards makeup and are often criticized for their physical appearance.

Aesthetics also incorporates different forms of beauty, which are considered to be beauty standards in various cultures. Beauty standards are found in all human cultures and vary as per the region, religion, culture and sex. Islamic beauty standards are different in the sense that it concentrates more on the appearance of a woman. It does not involve her personality, but rather the way she looks. As for men, it is focused more on how he looks, whether he is handsome, muscular and healthy or not.

Western societies focus more on the physical beauty and do not consider inner beauty, whereas the east always see inner beauty as more important as it directly effects the outer beauty. A woman in the west will wear makeup but in the east she will never use any. The east believes that proper cloths, cleanliness and skin care are the keys to beautiful skin, neat hair and beautiful nails.

Although there are no perfect answers for beauty in the arab world, there are some truths in this beauty code. A woman should always look beautiful to herself and to others and should make efforts to have flawless skin and beautiful hair. She should be clean and should avoid cosmetics. With proper grooming and makeup you can achieve beautiful skin and flawless skin.