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The Link Between Health and Disease

It’s a fact that the condition of health affects every citizen of this earth. Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is ‘a state of full physical, mental and emotional well-being and not just the absence of illness and infirmity.’ A number of definitions have also been applied to health in the past. One of the most common ones today is that the ‘health’ one refers to being able to live a long and healthy life. Being fit and healthy is important for a person’s well being.

Defining health is something of a human right. This is something that people take for granted these days as they age. Most of the developed world is so unhealthy that not only is it a risk factor for various diseases but also can lead to severe illness and even death if left untreated. This is where the concept of wellness comes in. In order for a person to enjoy his well-being, he should be healthy and fit.

What is the best definition of wellness? St John’s Wort, a herbal extract used for anxiety and depression, has been used extensively by herbalists and nutritionists for many years to help treat depression. Depression, like any other mental or physical disorder, is a result of not achieving the optimal state of health. In order to achieve the optimal state of health, it is necessary to take in the right amount of nutrients, exercise regularly, eat nutritious food and consume proper dosages of medication. All these measures, taken in isolation, will contribute positively towards the cause of wellness.

The risk factors associated with poor wellness are diabetes, heart disease, obesity and hyperglycemia. These are known as chronic conditions. When a person suffers from one of these conditions for an extended period of time, he becomes prone to serious health complications. The risk factors also include a sedentary lifestyle, long-term drug use and consumption of alcohol, tobacco use, and unhealthy eating habits. Other common risk factors for poor well being include stress, high blood pressure, hypertension, and diabetes.

It is impossible to avoid risk factors and still maintain good health. However, there are ways to reduce the risk factors associated with diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. This is because physical activity, diet and medication can help in the control and prevention of many chronic diseases. It is advisable to practice a balanced combination of all these measures to achieve total well-being.

Maintaining a good and normal physical health is very important because it helps in the prevention of many physical disorders. A healthy and fit body also has a positive impact on the mental health of a person. Stress is a major contributor to the development of both physical and mental illnesses and thus physical exercise is very important for controlling stress. It has been seen that a physically fit body is able to cope with physical and mental stress more effectively than a physically unfit body.